As Pure as Mother’s Love
|   Jul 01, 2016
As Pure as Mother’s Love

Oh what…??? She weighs just 1.3kgs… everyone’s reaction when they heard this statement. Yes… my daughter was and is still underweight. She’s a premature baby but I am fine with this. Her activities are above average and she’s one of a kind… her dadu (he’s a Doctor by profession) says her IQ is very high, her nani says she’ll become a Doctor; I want her to be an IAS officer while her dad wants her to be a sports girl. Rest is her choice. I wish her to be a successful, healthy and happy person.

For the very first time when I took her in my hands, tears rolled down my eyes and I panicked, for how I am gonna take care of such tiny being but my Doctor and nurses gave me assurance that everything will be alright. Apart from mother’s milk and medicines, there are some techniques that help baby gain weight and stimulate her faster growth. I took a sigh of relief and marvelled at how beautiful she is. :)

The first technique they introduced me to is KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care). It is a technique practiced on newborn, usually preterm, infants wherein the infant is held, skin-to-skin, with an adult. Kangaroo care for pre-term infants may be restricted to a few hours per day, but if they are medically stable that time may be extended. Some parents may keep their babies in-arms for many hours per day. I used to do this activity twice or thrice a day for a couple of hours because that time my ultimate mission was to make her gain weight.

She was born on 19th Nov.’14, when it was neither hot nor so cold. But in the month of December and January, we both were kept inside a room with heater almost full day on. I used to feel like trapped in a cage but I had to be with her all the time, she was too weak. For almost 2 months, we both just had to eat (obviously she was breast-fed), sleep and repeat, in a room and on a bed. :D

The other way that helps babies gain weight faster is massaging them at least once a day.

In the initial months, my mother and MIL did this activity for her. As she was too feeble so they both were not sure if massaging her would be right or wrong but as Doctor said it was definitely needed. Especially in the night, my mom used to massage her so we both could take good night sleep. But with babies of such age, it’s not possible. You need to provide them milk after every two-hour.

For her body-massage, we were very confused about the oil, which oil to be used. Most of the relatives and visitors who came to see us recommended olive oil. They said olive oil helps in making baby's skin smooth, shiny, and healthy. It acts as a perfect moisturizer for baby’s skin and it also has regenerative power over skin tissues, which keeps the skin toned and keeps the diaper rashes at bay. We also consulted our Doctor and she also suggested using olive oil of some brand and informed us about its benefits; she said it is rich in healthy fats, phenolic anti-oxidant, Vitamin E, squalene and oleic acid; regular massage using this could help in maintaining good skin tone, promoting bone and muscle health of the baby. I read some articles on benefits of olive oil for baby’s skin and came to know that if your baby’s skin is dry or damaged then consult your doctor before using this oil, as it can worsen the situation. The plus point about this oil is it can be used in both hot and cold weather. So, we switched to this oil and you won’t believe it did give desired result. My daughter doubled (in terms of weight) in just 2 months. Yes, there were other factors involved that helped in weight gain but I believe olive oil to be a major and significant contributor in this because for some days when we could not massage her for some reason, she comparatively gained less weight.

As the summers approached in 2015, I wanted to change the massage oil, which is equally effective but gentle for baby’s skin. So, I purchased massage oil (rich in Vitamin E and mineral oil) of some leading brand. I really liked its texture and smell and used it for few months, especially after giving her bath. I also used desi-ghee to give my daughter evening massage, though the smell is not good but it’s beneficial for her skin and bones. Recently, I read news about that leading brand; its products are found to have cancer-causing agents and are hazardous for baby’s health. I was shocked to hear this news and at that moment only threw its products in the dustbin. Then I went to the nearby medical store and asked him to suggest some good baby massage oil, he told me to use Dabur baby massage oil with olive and almond. He said Dabur has recently launched this product and it’s getting good reviews too. So, I purchased it and I will say it was a right decision. It’s a blend of premium natural oils like Olive & almond. Olive is known to help faster muscle development & quicker bone formation & Almond is known to make the skin soft & supple. Also it contains no harmful paraffin or parabens and the aroma is also very pleasant. On researching about the baby massage oil, I came to know that mineral oils contain chemicals like paraffin which can be harmful for the baby’s skin and most of the leading baby oils are mineral oil based & can be harmful for the baby. Babies should be massaged using natural oil because they have extra sensitive skin, which requires extra gentle care. This baby massage oil has constituents like natural oils of Sunflower, Sesame, Olive, Almond & Jojoba. Fragrance and antioxidants - Tocopheryl Acetate & TBHQ. No paraffin or parabens added, hence As Pure As Mother’s Love.

I loved the packaging of their newly launched product Baby Massage Oil with Olive and Almond and have taken some pictures of it.

Dabur is a true saviour when it comes to my baby. I highly recommend using its baby massage oil with olive and almond.

With Love,

A Mother

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