Daily Hygiene Hacks for a Healthy Baby
|   Jan 07, 2017
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Daily Hygiene Hacks for a Healthy Baby

Good hygiene habits start early. Teaching kids to have a healthy hygiene routine when they’re young can create habits that last throughout their lives. So it becomes all the more important to follow the hygiene routine yourself because ‘what they see is what they do’. This post of mine reflects how true the afore-mentioned statement is!

Having good hygiene habits include more than just hand-washing. We need to keep a check on kids ‘from tip-to-toe’ and ‘from their inside and out’; after all we are their caretakers and protectors. They are so delicate and should be nurtured each and every moment so in future they turn out to be the best version of their selves. We mums at times become so obsessed with them that we keep a watch on their each and every activity but for long term it is just not possible because we have lot other things to do at home and work, and also kids should be given some freedom and some time to explore things on their own. Let them travel around and discover the world on their own. For some time of the day let’s not panic about their dirty hands, and clothes. Let them develop their own immunity but make sure that wherever they are and whatever they are doing is safe for them.

Now these are the easy hygiene hacks that I follow for my kiddo and are pretty easy to follow for you too:-

1. Oral hygiene: My baby is two years old now and I have started brushing her teeth. Initially I found it difficult to teach her the right way to brush but now she does it better and we both together do this and enjoy the playful morning session with each other.

2. Bathing: I know, no one likes bathing on a chilly day but as soon as I pour a mug of warm water on my daughter, she starts giggling. And after taking bath, she feels relaxed and clean. I hardly skip this daily ritual of bathing her, yes in winters also because in winters too kids may sweat due to layering of clothes that we put on their body. Hence, it is very important that we give them warm water bath on daily basis, however the time spent on this activity can be reduced.

3. Skin care: After bathing comes the ritual of moisturising and oiling her hair. I moisturise her body from tip-to-toe and oil her hair. She loves using cream on her face. It is as important as cleaning and bathing, so skin doesn’t become dry and retains the natural moisture. If not done regularly, their skin may develop blemishes.

4. Use handkerchief for runny nose: Runny nose in winter season is very common among kids. I have taught my daughter to wipe her nose with her handkerchief. Doesn’t matter she is at school or at home, she knows how to clean her runny nose, all by herself!

5. Hand-washing: Hand-washing is an integral part of good hygiene. I make sure that we together wash our hands before and after meals, or whenever it is required. It is indeed the best way to eliminate germs. Hand sanitizers aren’t as effective as soap and water, we hardly use it.

6. Use dustbin: I make sure that the floors are daily mopped using a disinfectant and my baby (when in good mood) also makes sure that floor remains clean; she knows that the toffee and chocolate wrappers are to be thrown in the dustbin. I feel great when she like a well-mannered kid puts the unwanted things in the bin. At that moment, I feel like giving her a pat on her back!

7. Toileting: Although, my baby is not potty trained yet and I am still using diapers for her. I stopped using diapers in past summers but have started again so that she doesn’t get wet. She had started giving some hints when she wanted to pee but these winters I am continuing to use diapers for her. While changing her diaper, I either wash her genitals or wipe it with wet tissues. Though she can’t do this herself now, but watching me doing this for her, she understands the importance of keeping her private parts clean.

These hacks surely leave me happy & satisfied and my baby healthy. What about yours?

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