Long Live Diapers!
|   Feb 02, 2017
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Long Live Diapers!

I remember when I became a mother I did not even know how to change a diaper for my baby. I had asked my nurse to help me in putting the diaper on my baby’s bums. How ignorant and ashamed I felt that moment! But I guess every girl goes through this phase. My daughter has been using diapers ever since she’s born. Last summer, I started using less of diapers for her as she started giving me some cues when she wanted to pee. She also developed a fixed routine to poop; but when the winter approached she started to pee more. She would make her clothes wet so my Mother-in-Law asked me to put her in diapers during the day as well. I was bit shocked and happy that she is unlike most Mother-in-Laws, who understand the benefits of using diapers for babies. 

It was my decision to use less diapers for her as she is already two now and I wanted to toilet train her. But I believe that winter is definitely not the right season to toilet train your baby. They may catch cold and fever if not cleaned and changed on time. One of the relatives told me how her baby had suffered a lot due to wetting in night time and the condition was such that he could not sleep in night because of blocked nose and congestion in chest. He was also forbidden from eating food items, which were cold in nature, and was mostly given medication for this problem, especially in his initial years. I felt so bad for him and promised myself that I would take extra care of my baby and change her diapers after every 3-4 hours. 

It’s not like I keep her in diapers 24/7, I make sure that she’s kept loose for few hours in a day. After all, their bums also need some fresh air!? I remember one incident when we were travelling for 3 hours. Before departing she had pooped but during the journey, she pooped again and I just could not understand her reason of incessant crying. I thought she’s hungry and my milk is falling short to satiate her hunger. On reaching the destination when I checked her, I felt so bad and thought how poor mom I am that I could not understand her reason of crying. Her genital area became red and she was not letting us touch that area and was crying endlessly. I also cried and did everything to calm her down. My mother-in-law told me to apply virgin coconut oil on her genitals and it really helped. And finally, she slept at around 1am in the night. I had my moments of stupidity in 2 years of motherhood journey but that’s how we learn and grow and finally write a blog-post on it (because we also learn from each other’s experiences).   

I dread my life without diapers. Mommies, just imagine how your life would have been without diapers:

  • Changing and checking the baby often – I should say innumerable times! Remember, in initial months how your baby used to poop in every one or two hours and that is around 12-15 times a day. They very well know how to keep you busy all day long!
  • Forgetting going to a mall or a market. What if the baby gives you an unwanted surprise while you are busy talking to the sales person.
  • Imagine yourself cooking and in the middle, your baby calls you for the mess that he just cooked.
  • You are out for dinner on the Sunday evening to your favourite restaurant and just think what we are just discussing here. I am sorry about your beautiful dress!
  • You take him out in the park and give him a ride and what he does is - shit. I am sure the first word that you would say is – SHIT.

No more dirty talks now. I think the above pointers are enough to make us realize the importance of diapers in our life. And I, on all mommies’ behalf want to thank them for giving us this magic product, which makes our lives much easier. Recently, I came across Pampers new product – Pampers Premium Care Pants, which is again a breakthrough product in the diaper market. It is suitable for soft and delicate skin of newborn babies and offers superior skin protection. When I myself tried this for my daughter, I really felt the difference; it is of high quality and is extra soft, which makes your baby feel comfortable and happy all the time.

As we know, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and I truly thank the person, who understood this need and gave us our life-saver in the form of diapers. Long live diapers!

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