Meet one year old software engineer
|   Dec 26, 2016
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Meet one year old software engineer

When our daughter was born, everyone was like “Arey ye toh dusra kaka aagaya”; my husband’s pet name is kaka, no matter how old he grows, he will always remain a kaka. How cute! But the cutest thing is seeing his Xerox copy (my daughter) doing little things that make us wonder how fast she is growing and learning things by observing us. It feels like yesterday when she was born. She is two now and can feed herself, she usually doesn’t need me to spoon-feed her and I am quite proud of this thing. That’s how we have made her learn from beginning and now she’s a pro at it. As they say, children are the reflection of their parents; I believe it is hundred percent true. As I see my daughter, she looks mostly like her father but some of her expressions and gestures are inherited from me. We parents never realize what our child is learning from us. Parenting is like an exam, which you give on daily basis and your kid is your mark-sheet. How much of you agree with this!? I know most of you would agree with this statement. Doctors say “Babies learn through imitation, thus, the more time they spend with Mumma and Papa, they learn and develop better – cognitively as well as socially.” I can vouch for this statement because that’s what I have experienced so far in my parenting journey. The way my daughter looks, whatever she does and expresses, the way she behaves is totally inherited from both of us. And she started imitating us when she was not even one year old. There is this moment that I can’t forget and burst out laughing whenever I see this picture.


As you can see someone is lying on the bed behind my daughter, that’s my software engineer husband taking rest after work and the person who got a chance to try her hands on the laptop is my 10-month old cutie patootie. She feels super thrilled as soon as she sees the laptop screen and push the keys so fast in sheer excitement as she has cracked the code for some difficult problem. And whenever I catch her playing with my laptop, she gives such a mischievous smile that turns my anger into smile. You become more patient and humble when you become a parent. Parenting in return teaches you many things. It is a journey that requires involvement of both the partners, to raise a complete individual. In our home, in the morning, I make sure that my daughter’s snack box is prepared and my husband ensures that she gets ready and reaches her school on time. During afternoon, I fetch her back from the school and then take her to the society park for some play-time and in the evening, as my hubby come back from office plays football with her. She loves playing football ONLY with her dad. When they both play together, the smile I see on my daughter’s face is miraculous. I don’t see smiling her like this with me. With me she’s different and loves doing other things. She needs both of us for different things. She loves us equally. She is “Daddy’s Girl & Mommy’s World”!

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