Motherhood is all about loving your kid without any T&Cs
|   May 05, 2017
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Motherhood is all about loving your kid without any T&Cs

It wasn’t a love-at-first-sight ‘coz I don’t believe in it. Before becoming a mommy, I never truly realized that love without conditions exist in this world. I always felt that it is all about give and take. Yes, as a kid to your mom & dad and before marriage, you do take your parents’ love for granted but this attitude exists until you yourself produce your baby. You do feel and realize that your parents are like God, who loved you and pampered you without expecting anything in return. When you step into their shoes and you hold your baby in hands, the overwhelming emotions you feel for her is a wonderful feeling. ‘That moment’ – you get to know the true meaning of “unconditional love”.

Before marriage and especially, before having a baby, I was like a free bird. My life mostly revolved around, me and my work, good food and fortnightly shopping... Life was bliss!

But then – God sent one angel in my life and life went upside down!

After her birth, my whole day was spent in feeding, burping, cleaning, cuddling & taking care of her. The ‘Me’ in my life was replaced with ‘She’ in my life. I started taking care of the smallest things related to her. The girl, who used to make faces if asked for cleaning the kitchen platform by her mom, started cleaning the poop of her child without any wrinkle on her face. The girl, who used to eat junk food, almost every day, started eating home-cooked less spicy food without any tantrums, so that she could produce good milk for her baby. The girl, who never took interest in household work, started paying extra attention if the baby’s room is cleaned properly. The girl, who hated cleaning the dishes, started cleaning her baby’s utensils on her own, for she never trusted anyone when it comes to her baby. The girl, who used to shop from Flipkart and Jabong, started searching & shopping from kids related online shopping websites. The girl, who was lazy to pack something from home to eat while travelling, started taking 3-4 four eating items in different boxes so that her baby gets to eat healthy stuff while travelling. That’s how motherhood transforms you and over-a-period of time; you evolve as a new person.

Motherhood, indeed, is a life-altering experience and a journey, where you learn to shower love without any terms and conditions. And the validity remains for a lifetime.

It's true - "You haven't truly loved until you become a mother".

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