Why a summer visit to Grandparents’ home is a must for you & your children
|   Jul 18, 2017
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Why a summer visit to Grandparents’ home is a must for you & your children

We just came back from a long vacation to Shona’s (my toddler) nanu-nani’s & daji-amma’s place and the memories that we created in those three weeks are unforgettable and precious, for both of us. Hubby was obviously at work and could not join us for the summer fun. We missed him a lot and would connect with him over video calls, almost on daily basis.

Summer vacation is a time that we all look forward to, for family trips to hill stations, visit to home-towns and moreover, for the quality time that we share with each other and the memories that we create during those days. I was especially looking forward to summer vacations because of multiple reasons:

  1. You get rid of daily monotonous routine
  2. You get to live with your parents for some days
  3. You get some ME time as your parents and in-laws are there for your child
  4. You get to eat your favorite meals cooked by mom and Mother in law
  5. You shop and travel
  6. You get to meet your friends and relatives
  7. You feel more energized and happy
  8. You stress less
  9. You again become carefree in the presence of your parents
  10. You feel more loved and protected
  11. Your kids and parents get time to bond with each other

I think this list is endless if I do not stop here. From all the pointers that I have mentioned, I believe, the last one holds great importance in our lives- Your kids and parents get time to bond with each other.

Grandparents offer a lot more than just free babysitting. Inter-generational relationships between your children and their grandparents provide multiple benefits. Besides the obvious reasons of growing up with strong family bonds and memories, your children can also learn multiple lessons from grandparents about emotional and social intelligence. Emotional intelligence, or the ability to be aware of, control and express emotions, is a trait that your children will be watching and learning throughout their lives. When they spend time with their grandparents, your children will learn how people they trust, besides their parents, express their emotions. If they play a game and see that grandma doesn't throw a fit when she doesn't win, your children will learn how to handle disappointment. If they hear grandpa talk about how much he appreciates grandma, your children will learn how to love and care for others.

Grandma and grandpa's home is the perfect place to start showing your children that they are loved, safe and secure in other homes. Your children need to see how other families work, how other relationships succeed and how other homes can be safe and loving too. Hanging out with grandma and grandpa gives your children the chance to relate to people other than you and your partner. Your children will learn how to be nice, how to be caring, how to act when you aren't around and how to follow rules that might be different than the rules in your home. Your children will enjoy developing a relationship with their grandparents that is special just to them.

I love it when my daughter feels happy and pampered in the presence of her grandparents. There comes a time, when she doesn’t want me and just demands amma or nani. When she gets up in the morning, all she wants is amma or nani (depends on the place we are at).

Grandparents also encourage a child's healthy development. They may have lots of time to spend playing with and reading to kids. Such dedicated attention only improves a child's developmental and learning skills. In a span of only 21 days, my daughter has learnt many rhymes, all credits to her amma. I also wonder how our parents are so patient that even after finishing the daily chores, instead of taking nap, they play with kids and bear their tantrums with all love. Not only this, Grandparents have valuable experience. When you think about it for a moment, who could better provide advice and help raising children than someone who has already done it successfully? Grandparents put their past parenting experience to use while dealing with grandchildren. While I was all set to protect my daughter from scorching heat of summers but the change of place does affect the child in some or the other ways. Be it hygiene factor or change of water, my daughter faced some stomach issues during this trip. So I along with my mom and MIL made sure that she eats and drinks in ample amount, home is cleaned and sanitized properly, her clothes are washed separately and moreover, she gets sufficient sleep. Things are much easier to handle when you have a strong support system and I feel blessed to have two, in the form of – my parents and my in-laws.

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