And I fell in love...again!
|   Jun 18, 2016
And I fell in love...again!

Few days back I read an article about falling in love…again. Article made a lot of sense as it broke the myth that a person can truly fall in love only once in his/her lifetime. Though the article was written very practically but it’s still hard to accept the fact that we can fall in love with many people or things in a lifetime.
Most of the times we are too scared to accept the truth since we are committed to somebody.
Having set the background, my love story, starts with traffic. You might feel that I am obsessed with traffic but the truth is that it is an integral part of the life of a Bangalore-an. We spend 2 to 4 hours in traffic daily and there is no escape. So I have accepted this part of my life and decided not to get irritated in traffic. Looking at the positive side, it actually makes us more patient ;)

So I was driving to office, when I got stuck in a jam. There was nothing much that I could have done while sitting in the car, waiting for the block to be removed. So I increased the volume, some of my favorite songs were playing. I was just looking at the other side of the road, traffic was moving faster.
For a while I even thought of taking a U-turn and skipping office for a day. Now, we all know that it never happens, we keep driving towards our work places, no matter what !!
My eyes were not looking for anyone in particular, but they got stuck at someone in particular. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was so smart, good looking, self-assured, totally unaffected by his surroundings. It was obvious that many people were staring at him. Believe me, he deserved all those stares. I thought of getting out my car and talking to him, it was an outrageous thought that you just see someone and you feel like talking to them, to know them better.
Good part was that he wasn’t on a vehicle, so he wasn’t rushing away, neither was I. So I had time to admire him. Such a sight, is surely something that helps people in traffic, makes you feel so much better, makes you smile.
He was walking his way out, slowly but steadily. There was something about him that made my heart skip a beat. How could anyone be so confident, knowing people around are curious and still be so grounded?? I couldn’t imagine.
He seemed to be going somewhere, really important for him, because he didn’t stop even for a second. He kept walking. He carried a back pack on his shoulders, which looked heavy, but that didn’t slow him down. “Should I click a picture of him secretly?”, I said to myself. But he didn’t deserve to be just clicked, he deserved much more than that. As he walked away and I couldn’t turn more to keep looking at him, I changed the angle of my side view mirror to get a better sight of him, till his image almost faded away.

Anyhow, this love affair of mine ended after a few minutes as cars started moving and I couldn't see him anymore. He was completely unaware of the affect that he had on me in those few minutes. It was difficult to not think about him till I reached office. Even while working, my mind was drifting away. More than his looks, his confidence, his love for himself and the place he was headed to, impressed me.

During the lunch time, I just casually sent a message, “I saw someone today”.
Reply: “Who?.
Me: “I don’t know, but I think I am in love”.
Reply: “Again?”.
Me: “Yes, is it bad?”
Reply: “No! It happens. Who is the person? And what’s so special?”.
Me: “I was driving when I saw him. He was walking on the other side”.
       “So good looking, smartly dressed, so focused.”
Reply: “I know you like focused people, but this doesn’t seem to be enough for you to fall in love again”.
Me: “Yes, there is more. I was thinking about my work, and how busy my life has become, how much I needed a vacation and how I am not able to travel more”.
Reply: “You always need a vacation :) ”
Me: “You know me :)”
Reply: “It’s not about you, tell me more…about him. What made you fall in love again?”.
Me: “Yup…so…there I was, lost in my own world, thinking about my not-so-perfect life and things that I didn’t get or tasks that I couldn’t accomplish, when I saw him.
        “He had his school bag on his back, and he was walking slowly…on his crutches”.
        “His legs were not formed.”
        “He didn’t stop even for a minute, he was so confident, so UN-aware of his disability”.
        “I am sure he is a very strong person.”
        “His seemed so clear in his mind about what he wanted from life at that point in time.”
        “He wanted to reach his school…no matter what”.
Reply: “Now I know that you are in love, but not with him, right?”
Me: “Yes, you are always right :)”
Reply: “So who gets this newly found love in you?”
Me: “Guess?”
Reply: “you know don’t like guessing.”
Me: “Hmm…..yes. So other than people whom you already know, it’s me and my life who deserves this love”.
Reply: “Perfect…I guessed that :) Got to go…see you later”
Me: “Yup…bye”.

Seeing that smart school boy, made me realize that life is so tough for some, but they still face it and keep going. He didn’t have such an important part of his body but he had accepted it, and his resolve to make his life beautiful and focus on better things was commendable! And why do I keep using words that are used in performance appraisals !!!
Jokes apart, his parents deserve a special mention in the article for giving him the confidence of ignoring his weakness and looking ahead in life. Hardest lesson to teach a kid is to not fear the hurdles in life. If that’s done, then there is no looking back.

After the "date" that lasted for a few minutes, my mind was clear, of any doubts, about my life. My life has been good so far, I have achieved whatever I had wanted, most of the times. And things that I didn’t get were not so important after all. Or even if they were…life is not about wasting time…thinking of lost stuff! More important is to focus on things that I wanted now and to walk towards it.
Walking forward is what, makes the difference!!!

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