Habits that form early, remain forever
|   Jul 12, 2017
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Habits that form early, remain forever

We couldn’t control ourselves from laughing. Our little boy was standing and waiting. And then all of a sudden, he realized, “oh mamma, I just peed.” And we burst out laughing.

  It was bed time and from the age of 1, we would continuously tell him, to pee, wash his hands, legs and brush his teeth before going to bed. Now the routine was programmed in his mind so well that he would automatically enter the washroom, as soon as we declared that it was time to go to bed.

 And today as well, he was busy telling us stories about his new school, where he spends 8 hours and learns so many new things. Those 8 hours are a unique experience every day and stories are never ending. We were patiently listening the story, that how, a spaceship made of wood will get burnt if it goes near the sun, when I finally decided to take the conversation in the bedroom. He followed me, saying “and you know mamma, we can’t even use iron, because it will melt”, and then suddenly his programming triggered him to enter the washroom.

 He peed and came out and finished his story and declared that we need a material that wouldn’t burn due to sun’s heat.

 And I declared that he has to brush his teeth and wash his hands and legs. He happily went inside the washroom and that’s when we burst out laughing.

 It’s funny to see how some habits become unforgettable, and religious in nature.

 But a habit which keeps your clean and away from infections is always welcome and a must for kids!

 With weather changing, school hours being long, more scope to play in dirt, and get infections, it’s a must to inculcate a sense of hygiene early in life.

 Like experience people say, habits formed early remain forever, whether good or bad.

 And I am happy that my son has formed a good one.

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