The birthday cycle
|   Jul 12, 2017
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The birthday cycle

It was the time the year when my son tells all his wishes and we try to fulfil at least some of them. And for this year, the birthday gift negotiations started from rocket car, moved on to Lamborghini, and settled on a cycle (the big, white one).

And so it was decided that this birthday, he was entitled to get cycle. He was big enough to learn cycling and that seems to be the latest trend among-st his friends.

 We also felt it was a reasonable wish and the right time. So the day before his birthday, we went to a cycle shop and after a lot of trials on different cycles, a white cycle was selected and bought.

Birthday party was great with all his friends noticing his new cycle in the parking lot. He was feeling proud that he had the biggest cycle among-st his friends; compliments like “big boy” made him happier about his prized possession.

But little did he know that big boys also get hurt and wounded due to big cycles. Actually size of the cycle doesn’t matter, but the process of learning cycling does.

 After a few days of showing off the new cycle, he finally fell down, while racing around. A speed breaker, not only broke his speed, but also his pride for his new cycle. Blood wouldn’t stop from his knee, and tears wouldn’t stop from his eyes.

I had a tough time, getting him and his cycle back to their respective parking’s.

Finally back home, I consoled him that such wounds are fine, and its process of learning, but that was my biggest mistake and lesson learned for life. “Never explain anything to your crying kid, always focus first on consoling them and stopping their tears. Their ears and brains are blocked while crying”.

He started howling when I hinted, that this might happen again while cycling. So I corrected my mistake immediately and changed by focus on his wound, which definitely needed all my attention now. But how?? He wouldn’t even allow me to touch the wound.

So it was time to get the magic potion and create a spell. I carried my son to the washroom and sprayed water on his sore knee. I slowly cleaned it with cotton and then while explaining about the magic potion, I damped some cotton with antiseptic liquid and slowly cleaned his knee again. The dirt and hurt was gone in sometime. He was back to normal, almost!!

Well the wound healed in some days, but it was not easy to get him back to cycling.

The process of learning continues!

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