The dirty pool!
|   May 15, 2017
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The dirty pool!

He looked at the pool and kids enjoying. “Mamma, even I want to go in the pool”, he urged. I sighed, and memories of last summer rushed in.

 It was summer, extremely hot and all the kids would just wait for 4 PM to take a dip in the pool. Sometimes, parents also couldn’t hold themselves back and took a dip in the cool blue water of the swimming pool.

 It was a routine, religiously followed every-day. Any miss, led to, shouting and crying, “You didn’t let me go for swimming today”. Even though, he couldn’t swim, it was fun to watch him and his friends creating those small whirlpools and fountains.

 One fateful day, as he got back from his evening cooling session in the pool, he didn’t look his usual chirpy self. “Mamma, I want to sleep”, he said, it was enough to understand that something was wrong.

My son is a sleep hater, he stays awake till his eyes cooperate.

 “Are you OK?” I asked him as I touched his forehead, checking for any signs of fever. His temperature was fine, no stomach ache or nausea. My husband said, “He is just tired, doesn’t sleep in afternoon at all, don’t worry”. But moms have an intuitive mind when the matter concerns their child’s safety and health. And I was not convinced. But since there were no signs of sickness, I fed him and put him to bed. He looked peaceful and completely healthy while sleeping. “May be it was just tiredness”, I said to myself and tried to relax.

 “Mamma, mamma”, I heard him calling me. I was in deep sleep. “Yes, what happened”, I woke up startled. “I want to vomit”, he said. Lights were off, so I just took him to the washroom and switched on the light. I was taken aback for a second. He had rashes all over his face and hands. He threw up whatever he had eaten for dinner.

 “Mamma, I am not feeling well”, he started sobbing. He looked so dull and tired, as if all his energy had drained out. I carried him back to bed and woke up my husband. Sight of the rashes was good. He was also complaining of itching.

 It was surely and infection which was causing all this havoc.

 We decided to take him to hospital, since rashes seemed to spread all over his body now. In the hospital, doctor confirmed that it was a skin allergy, which caused rashes. And may be had drunk the pool water which caused stomach infection too.

 3 days, after the diagnosis was made, were hell for him and for us. He hardly ate anything and was so difficult to hold him back from scratching his rashes.

 When he recovered, I was dead against of sending him to swimming pool again. Pool is always crowded with kids and adults. And even though it’s cleaned daily, there was no assurance that such infections won’t happen again.

 Kids tend to forget about tough times but parents don’t and so I was afraid. Doctor said it was fine to send him again, but with some precautions. Use a swimsuit, that covers most of his body, a shower with, soap and an antiseptic, is a must after swimming.

 So after a lot of cajoling from my son and reasoning from my husband, I gave in to their demands.

 He was looking at me with expectant eyes. I opened his bag, put on his cap and goggles, held him with both hands and dropped him the pool, just the way I always did!!! He shouted with happiness.

 But this time, I was prepared with after-swimming stuff in my bag. Only one thing was remaining, I walked up to the guy who was holding two kids and deftly swimming, “Can you take swimming classes for him”, I pointed at my son. “Sure ma’am, what’s his name?”

 Now, my son goes for swimming classes, he is enjoying, and I am being extra careful after keeping him away from infections, so that the dreadful episode doesn’t happen again.

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