When I released that I was the queen of my home!
|   Dec 17, 2015
When I released that I was the queen of my home!

I was the queen residing happily in my kingdom with my family. Being a queen is not easy, you have think of and prioritize your people over your own comfort. A queen needs to run an entire kingdom and build her support system simultaneously.

More than 10 kingdoms were participating in the contest and I was responsible for choosing the best from mine. Several people were approaching me to have a look at there masterpieces but my ill health was not permitting me to take the right decision. "Oh God, its difficult to think, why am I not able to concentrate, oh this body pain, its so hot", a lot of random thoughts were going on in my mind. And then I saw that, the masterpiece, which deserved to be in the contest. I was finding it very difficult to say something, I wanted to tell my king to choose that....I felt his hand on my cheek and then my forehead, he shook me, "Saumya...saumya, are you al-right?? You are having high fever, I will get you the medicine".

I opened my eyes, it was 2:30 AM, my body was burning due to high fever, and it was a dream. I took the tablet and felt better after half an hour as my temperature subsided a little. I woke up startled, it was 7 AM, I had to wake my son up, get him ready for his Christmas program in school, had to prepare his snack box and then rush to office. But my body did not budge.  I searched for my phone under the pillow, and sent a message to my manager, "not coming to office today...not well".

Then I started instructing my husband, "please wake him up, get his porridge, you need to tell him a story while feeding him". Feeding session ended quite peacefully with few, "why is mamma not feeding me today". Then my husband filled the tub for bathing and opened up the wardrobe, "vest is in the centre, t-shirt on right, socks at the back...", and he successfully managed to gather all the clothes of my son. Luckily the snowman dress was made ready the night before, and my son finally left for school as a cute looking snowman. It was like playing the game with your blindfolded partner, where you have to give instructions and take him to the destination. And my partner and I succeeded to reach the finish line.

I slumped in the bed, thinking, I am indeed a queen of this household with a lot of responsibilities. I get to make the decisions and do things in my preferred way, but that also makes me responsible for my actions. Someone very rightly said, "with power comes great responsibility". 

One day of sickness, brings down the entire system. A good support system is must, people whom you can trust and who can handle in your absence or ill health. For me, its my husband and my parents (in-law) who support me and my kingdom unconditionally. at times, when my body gives up, I can be assured that they can manage well.

Who would not want to be the Queen of such a kingdom?? As  I dozed off, I felt lucky....I was the Queen.

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