|   Apr 10, 2016

“Happy Anniversary Shwe”, he whispered softly, which sent shivers down my spine. “I have the most beautiful wife in the world”, he continued, while I blushed a crimson red, my cheeks matching my sexy Valentino gown. We were close, dancing on the deck of a sleek yacht in the middle of the sea with bright laser beams splashing my name all across the night skyline… ‘I love you Shwe’ it said. “The hubby” had done it again! He managed to take my breath away with yet another mesmerizing romantic setting… cool December breeze blowing in my hair, as we glided smoothly in the never ending waters… sipping on sparkling champagne… nibbling on wild berries dipped in white chocolate… him and me… Hmmm…

Tttrrrrnnggg! Suddenly I heard a shrill bell! I opened my eyes… oh no! It was the alarm clock! Why did the dream have to get over so soon. I always love it when my brain goes into flashback mode and brings back these magical memories. It seems like yesterday, when we were on that yacht… but alas! It was ten years ago! Right now, on my anniversary, ‘the hubby’ is fast asleep on the other side of the bed, lightly snoring, with the remote still in his hand from last night!

I jump out of bed quickly because the ‘Tween Girl’ and the ‘Lil Boy’ have to get ready for school! They are already awake and greet me with a big smile, warm hugs, and a heart shaped chocolate with a candle on top! “Happy Anniversary mom”, they scream together! Awww… my heart flutters to see them so excited! As soon as they leave for school ‘the staff’ starts wishing me shyly, one by one, “Bhabhi…Mubarak ho’! I hand them all ‘baksheesh’, enjoying the feeling of ‘giving’ in return for their smiles. I rush for my yoga class, where my instructor says that today’s class is a ‘gift to me’, which makes me feel so special, amidst warm embraces and some ‘naughty teasing’ by all!

Back home my mother-in-law is waiting for me with a ‘big Gucci bag’! Yippeeee!! I quickly unwrap the gorgeous presents and give her a tight hug! How blessed am I?! In the middle of all this euphoria I almost forget to wish ‘the hubby’! When I dash into the room he is busy on the phone with his constant companion these days… his production manager Mr Reddy! He glances up at me for a second, and I’m secretly hoping he remembers what today is! Yay! He did! In the middle of giving instructions on the phone he mouthed “happy anniv” and gave me a silent flying kiss! Our eyes met, I smiled and he smiled back, and then with a quick embrace he left for the office (still talking to Mr Reddy all the time)!

Just then my girlfriends called to say they are taking me out for lunch! Our cozy, chatty, Chinese lunch over delicious dim sums and hot cups of green tea, discussing a new weight loss program and the new girl’s tacky sense of dressing, was ‘simply therapeutic’! The salon was just what I needed next, where my fabulous pedicurist gave me an extra 15 minute deep tissue massage, while I was curling my hair and painting my nails for the ‘big family anniversary dinner’ tonight! The whole family (father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, mother, brother, other sister-in-law, kids, and more kids), had a heartfelt beautiful dinner for us at our favourite Italian restaurant! Big chocolate cake, wine, bite-full of pesto pasta, noise, laughter, conversations, cheers and toasts to ‘Him and me’!

At night while I closed my eyes and was drifting off to sleep, I thought to myself… hmm… things were so different ten years ago… it was only about him and me then. Do I want the ‘yatch dream’ to come back again? No! Not really, because I just loved ‘today’. It has made me realise that there are so many people who are part of our life now, those who want to share their happiness and celebrate with us. There is a change… but a fulfilling one. It is indeed a blissful feeling to be loved by so many…. and him! I glanced at ‘the hubby’ who was fast asleep with a smile on his face… “Happy Anniversary Shwe,” I whispered softly to myself!

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