Notes to a bride-to-be!
|   Nov 24, 2016
Notes to a bride-to-be! this morning, when I woke up in my soft fluffy bed at the Park Hyatt hotel, I looked outside the big French windows and took in the beautiful view.....coconut trees swaying in the warm breeze, while a kingfisher walked on the luscious grass. Goa is the only place in the world where as soon as I saw the kingfisher bird I automatically craved a chilled kingfisher beer! "It is 9:30am for god sakes! Are you thinking of beer??", the hubby said groggily! But this place just does that to me! I guess it is the heady combination of the sun sand and the sea that simply seduces me. I'm so glad the wedding was planned here!

As I rubbed balm on my swollen feet, I realised dancing on 6 inch jimmy choos wearing a heavy ghaghra, is not as easy at is used to be ten years ago! Also I think I overdid the 'thumkas' to keep up with this younger brigade of hot girls!! Arre, how else will I get the hubby's attention? Ever since we have arrived at the hotel, his head keeps turning 360 degrees! Of course he wears really dark sunglasses so I can't make out. But when I caught him yesterday looking at a pretty young thing, he had an excuse ready. "Don't worry darling , I am checking her out for my younger cousin brother! My masi has told me to look for a nice girl.... I have to her listen na!!!" Ya Right!!

Hmmmm...well if I am so tired after the sangeet I'm sure the beautiful bride must be exhausted! And the dashing groom too, especially after the legendary 'jaggu miyan' (sultan movie) step, he pulled off last night.....I'm sure he needs the balm massage more than me! But somehow when you are the bride and groom you get this magical energy, and manage to look radiant anyhow!

As I glanced outside the window again ,I was wondering what the bride-to-be must be feeling right now, on her wedding morning ! Hmmmm..When a girl gets married there are a zillion emotions that she feels. Right from the time she is a little girl she dreams of this day. Her day. Where she walks down the aisle, or rather takes 'pheras' with her beloved. As she takes one step at a time, coyly, around the bright orange fire, her dupatta tied to him, she realises that her life is now 'entangled' with him. She is so in love. Anticipating her new life. She is wondering. How will it be? Living in his house? Sharing a room. Being together. It all seems so surreal and exciting.

But will she be able to handle it? What about her parents? They have doted on her from childhood. Won't she miss that? She knows they will miss her immensely. But at the same time they are ecstatic that their little doll is settling down. She can see the glow of contentment on their faces. A tear of sadness wells up in her eye as she looks at them. Soon she will be leaving her cozy nest. Her papa had give her everything that she ever desired. Her mom had lifted her when she fell, and soothed her scraped knee with her soft hands. They have clapped loudly when she won, and held her tight if she lost. Always by her side. How will she manage now? Will her new hubby do the same? Just then he looks at her. And somehow she knows he will. They exchange a shy smile. Oh my god. She was actually going to start a new life with him. A tear of happiness escapes her eye. What was she feeling? She didn't know exactly.

But trust me, bride-to-be, you will love being married....especially the initial few years!! I remember as newly-weds, my hubby whisked me away to Goa for a lunch date once! It was so romantic, as we dipped our feet in the cool salt water, while he ran his fingers through my long hair. after almost fourteen years of marriage things are a little different. When we go on a lunch date this is what he says: "don't you think you should order a soup and salad...have you seen how fit Diya has become! She has lost oodles of weight! Btw, have you stopped working out??" Arre! Let me enjoy my food atleast! The only thing romantic about our lunch nowadays is the love and temptation I feel for the the steaming hot dimsums!! Also instead of running his fingers through my hair, he says, "Is that frizz on your head?? Having a bad hair day sweetie?" Humph!!!

So seriously enjoy these moments before you'll start fighting for the remote control!! Which literally means the control in the marriage!! But you know what. I'll give you some advise. Let go of the remote. He will be busy watching his favourite shows. And he won't get in your way. For example my hubby is glued to Arnab Goswami from the minute he comes home!! Fixated! So he doesn't bother what's for dinner!! Just eats whatever is put front of him, as his eyes don't leave the screen! Good na....don't need to try new recipes, or no problem if the cook forgot the salt! He doesn't realise!

Also as the years go by one more thing might come up. He will compare you to his mom. Don't fume. He may say things like, "mom makes the best 'aloo paratha' in the world, it just melts in your mouth.Yours is a bit kadak baby. Why don't you learn from her!" Don't fret. Just close your fist count to ten. And then breathe out slowly. I do it every time my hubby mentions my mother in law's haath ka khanna, which is several million times!! I tell you these mama's boys never change. So don't expect that!!

But besides these little things sweetheart, marriage is a very interesting and fascinating bond. It is such a fulfilling relationship, with someone by your side 24/7, whom you can kiss and punch at the same time!! So stay happy and blessed and may your life together with your groom, be full of love and more. Love you both.........!!

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