|   Jul 31, 2017

Ok I admit I am jealous. Of what?? Wanna know? Read on..............

"Can I speak to Mom?", I said impatiently on the phone. "Madam left the office before lunch and said she won't be coming back for the rest of the day", her secretary replied happily. Without my moms watchful strict eyes on her, Poonam, her forty plus but still very single secretary, was probably surfing the computer looking for a prospective groom! I was surprised that mom, a hardcore workaholic, had left her desk before six in the evening. Strange. I tried calling her mobile again for the thousandth time in the last hour, but it was switched off! I hope she was feeling well?? I was starting to get a tad worried. Her phone is NEVER EVER unreachable! She knows that it makes me freak out!! Arre mummy se baat karni hai to karni hai! You know what I mean?

"Mummy ko phone do", I quickly dialled the house landline number next. "BABY mummyji toh subha se ghar nahi aaye", the cook replied. Oh ho! When were they planning to stop calling me BABY? The last thing I look like and feel like is a baby! But for some reason they just can't make the switch from twenty years ago! Now thats moms house.....I might crib but deep down I still feel so pampered there! (Though I rarely get to go because of my hectic life and of course hers too!) But where was she? Her driver's phone was constantly busy! I wonder who 'Dorai' her loyal South Indian chauffeur was talking to for so long? It can't be his wife for sure! Girlfriend? The sweet Dorai having an affair? Planning a rendezvous with his miss for some steaming idlis and filter coffee? The effect of the romantic monsoons, maybe? For god sakes! What was I thinking? I was losing it with all the stress! He really needed to hang up the phone, cause my imagination was running wild!

In case you are wondering, the main reason for me desperately trying to connect to my mother was I needed help to decide something crucial! One thing I cannot do in life is DECIDE......this or that? Yes or no? More or less? Go or don't go? I'm always in a goddam dilemma! And the clock was ticking! Oh shoot! She has to help me choose what I should wear to the grand sit-down dinner party I was invited to tonight! The long chiffon black gown with the plunging neckline or the more modest lace one that comes up to the knees, but with a super short nude coloured inner?? I just couldn't figure out which would be apt, and it was killing me. I tried the salon, not there, I called my brother to check if some sudden business meeting got scheduled, but he said no. Finally after another half an hour, of frantically trying I got through to the driver! "Dorai where is AMMA? I am trying your phone from one hour!"I screamed! "Aaiyooo sorry BABY, I was talking with my sister from Coimbatore. Amma has gone with 'DIDI FROM KOLKATA' for shopping in Phoenix mall", he replied.

Ooohhhhhhh!!! So that was it! I should have guessed! SISTER #4 WAS IN TOWN! No wonder my mom had done the 'disappearing act'! This happens only when one of her out-of-station sisters come to Mumbai! Can you believe she has FIVE of them? While one lives here, the other four are from different parts of the country! And it's complete MAYHEM when they visit! It's like she completely loses her senses and track of everyone and everything else! All that matters to her is 'talking' to her SISTER. They chat non-stop. All day, all night, even when they are in the shower, or in between mouthfuls of food! They don't want to lose a moment. Once I happen to be present at their annual 'SISTERS MEET'(it's more like bi-annual or tri-annual actually) in Chennai! During all the gossiping and laughing they were doing, I noticed something very peculiar........All six of them talk at the same time and somehow they can hear each other crystal clear! It's simply flabbergasting! They just never seem to get enough of each other! Loud chatter, hyper activity, several cups of masala tea, an opinion on everything from Modi to Madhuri Dixit, and of course piling up into one car to go to the market to purchase one item (for example a grandchild's shorts) was the agenda! At the end of the trip with moist eyes and cartons packed with goodies from each other's destinations (Jhaal Muri and Sandesh from Kolkata, Neela Mehta Bhel and Alphonso mangoes from Mumbai, Nilgiri chocolate biscuits and molga podi(chilly powder) from Bangalore, etc) they parted ways so painfully, only to chat on the phone for hours the following morning! Phew! "Dorai, tell your AMMA to call me after she drops her sister to the airport", I said sulking, and hanging up the phone. I know the rule. I know the drill. Mom is available to us anytime of the day or night. Except when her SISTERS are in town!

So what am I ENVIOUS about? It is this relationship. The very fact that you can call someone and share with her anything...and everything...under the sun! Sometimes sit with her under a warm blanket and cry your eyes out, for no particular reason, and drown your sorrows in a giant tub of mint chocolate chip icecream! She is that one person to whom you can tell your deepest darkest secrets or then any dumb stupid thought that might cross your mind. There seems to be silent promise that what you say will be a never be repeated or judged or taken for granted. It's heartfelt. And easy. Am I right? Ofcourse I am BLESSED to have so many other loving bonds in my life! Like the one with my mother...but I can't really call and tell her about the dumb fight I had with the hubby last night right? It would just get her so worked up! And obviously there are certain things you just CANNOT divulge to the hubby! Lots of things actually! By the way, I have THE coolest mom-in-law in the world! But I definitely cannot whine to her that I'm feeling bloated and fat after eating the entire bar of chocolate after the fight with her darling son! I would sound so silly! Though I love my younger brother to death, imagine calling him in the middle of his hectic business meeting and saying,"the kids are driving me up the wall. I need a break! Can you come over and watch them while I head to the spa?!" I can't do that, can I? But with a sister, all this is possible! The kids can't even tell the difference, because Masi's are exactly like moms to them! Just nicer and calmer ones that usually spoil them rotten! They always adore their masi's (Just like I love my darling five). I also have two wonderful caring sisters-in-law, (from both sides), lots of close cousin sisters, and a whole lot of great girlfriends whom I simply cannot do without! Yet I have come to the conclusion, that the 'whacky wholesome wired' relationship that you can have with your own SISTER is unmatchable!

So this blog goes out to all those parents who have created this BEAUTIFUL BOND by giving birth to two or more sisters.......congratulations! You should be so proud! Ask some one who has the "SISTER-LESS SYNDROME"!

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