Husband - Would you be able to crack the interview?
|   Jan 15, 2017
Husband - Would you be able to crack the interview?

Navita was an optimistic, strong and independent girl with a good sense of humour.People around her enjoyed her company.Due to this charm of Navita's, Naman was attracted towards her. Naman was a sweet,decent and a very handsome guy.Navita wondered how a boy like him haven't had any past relationships. She didn't have either because she was dusky and not so pretty as she thought.But every girl is pretty in her own way. They fell for each other and then got married after 1.5 years of their relationship. They were so happy and in love.Navita had like two antennas on her head which were always pointed towards Naman.She cared for him a lot, whenever she came early from office she cooked delicious meals for him.

Married women cook for their husbands and kids, never for themselves. Her whole concentration was always towards Naman and in doing so she forgot her career, her friends, her relatives and apparently herself. She got dependent on him for everything.She was not an independent women anymore. Naman also was very supportive and understanding.He always encouraged her and stood beside her whenever she had any ups and downs in her professional life. Navita thought that even if the world goes against her Naman will always be there for her. But ALWAYS never remain ALWAYS. After two years of their marriage Navita gave birth to her little Angel Navya. Navita was very happy and enjoyed every moment with the kid but she was sad also because she was away from Naman at her parent's home in a different city and it had been 6 months now of their separation. One day Navita was talking to Naman over phone when he told her that a manager of his organization had suggested him to ask his wife to join the same organization as his so that it would be easier for them to manage both work and kid. By listening to this Navita was happy because she will get some more time to spend with Naman, they will travel to office together, can have lunch together and also they can spend more time with thier daughter Navya as that organization has its own crèche. All these thoughts came to her mind in seconds and then she said to Naman "It would be so good to join your company" for which he replied - "Would you be able to crack the interview?You will not get this job on my referral, you have to face the interview." After hearing this, she went into deep thought, may be he had lost confidence in her, may be he thought that Navita didn't focus on her career after marriage or may be he thought that Navita is incapable of taking any decisions because she always had asked for his advice and followed whatever he said without giving a second thought. The voice from the other side broke her thought,"Navita, are you listening? Why I am saying this because you have not been in touch with your skills for about 6 months now." for which she replied "Yes, I had not been in touch, but I haven't lost my memory". After hanging up the call, she could not sleep, she just kept on thinking and 2 years of her marriage came straight in front of her eyes. What she had been doing for these years, just caring for her husband? Where the career oriented Navita gone? Where that independent and confident Navita vanished? And then she decided, that she will find that Navita in her who existed 2 years back. She will love Naman and Navya but will equally love herself too. Now If she will open any online shopping website she will look for the stuff for herself and her daughter first and later for anybody else. She will do whatever she liked, reading, swimming, dancing, travelling etc.

She will focus on her career, try to get a better job opportunity and in doing so may be she will fail many a times but as ALWAYS she is not going to GIVE UP. And she will try that this ALWAYS remain ALWAYS.

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