#Momspiration- The Master card of my life
|   May 11, 2017
#Momspiration- The Master card of my life

O, Mother! O, Mother!

You are my breather

I crave for being with you forever,

It's true that now no one else will bother,

Please answer me what I can do to gather

I miss those days sitting with you together..

That soft and heartwarming hug, that cry on your shoulders, I would never get another.

Why did I let you go like this?

I wish you could take me along with you, in a world like this...

For you have been my aegis,

I want to tell you that I love you to the back and the moon,

and I pray daily that one day we shall meet and make this world a gloom doom.

Missing you and waiting for you...

What difference that does that make whether you have a BMW, a Villa, countless farmhouses with spacious rooms, millions of dollars in your account. All these wordly pleasures are a chimera and flavorless if you are devoid of your mother's love. Life seems void sans this umbilical cord of our life(Mother). She is my Diamond of life, her eternal love, her unsurpassed sacrifices that are clearly visible through her wrinkled hands and feet with deeper blue lines. How may words do we need to describe this real beauty and Diva of our life. She does not need any advertising. However, as the mother's day is down the road, I felt the need to share my experiences and verse the memories associated with her.

If God wasn't busy creating Ms./Miss./Mrs. he would have himself come down to serve us. Perhaps he has been working 24/7/365 to design those loving mothers for us. For he sent the same as an epilogue to him. How amazing. Isn't' it? A divine soul, a goddess to nurture her child in this world. I am awestruck by the fact that how exceptionally she manages everything in her life with so perfection. It wouldn't be wrong to call her a Business Magnate. I wish I could be like her achieving excellence in all aspects. Meticulously taking care of all our needs, spending sleepless nights when I was in her tummy, and then when she brought me here. In this whole process she never cared for herself, the labor pains she might have gone through, all those weird stretch marks, sudden changes all over her body, the stitches that take a hell lot of time to heal up. And then burping a baby, changing a baby, feeding him, trackies and vomits, stained shirts, toilet training, dirty diapers, washing, washing and only washing. Her husband demanding her to be in shape as she has gained those extra kilos and everyone judging her for her outer appearance. How could these people feel what she has gone through? Still, she never complained and grumbled. Do we think that is it all that easy? No, never only a superwoman like her can handle this well. I am sure not only me, all those wonderful and doting mothers never leave any stone upturned just to see a smile on their face. I would call her a Woman of Substance- and fortunate are those who are bestowed with this priceless gift from God. Welcome her and preserve this treasure.

We all admire her and respect her for she deserves all this, and if there is any dictionary to describe the essence of her love that would be even less. Beauty not only in appearance but also the inner self that is always at your service. And when she is at your service she wouldn't give a damn if she is weak, hungry, her body aching and quenching for little rest so that she can carry on with her daily doldrums. No, she would never say this to her child, because that's the was she has been prepared. His child is her oxygen, so she would do anything just to bring a smile on our face in lieu of nothing. Her causeless love cannot be compared. No aunt, no grandmother, no nanny, no sister, and all other relations can take her place ever at any cost. This is a bitter truth that we all ought to accept and live with.

Today, I am a mother of two kids and it was only after experiencing motherhood, I can totally relate to my Mom. She who is the flame of inspiration for me.Whatever I am today be it a mother, a loving daughter, a caring daughter -in- law, loving sister, the credit goes to my mom, who has been the driving force behind these successful relationships. Being a brilliant student at school as well as a successful person in all aspects of life., I owe everything to her.

All my dreams and hopes shattered and everything appeared blurred when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. This deadly disease that swears to take our lives. She was 42 years old when doctors confirmed that she was at her last stage. Perhaps she knew everything, however, she was all determined and full of strength to face this. I could feel the pain in her eyes, her dreams of me getting married before she takes her last breath. Fate played its role and I got married. A sigh of relief for her. She was all smiling that day seeing me in a Bridal look. For her, I am the most beautiful daughter in the world as for every other mom. Hidden behind her pleasing and gracious smile, was the tremor of her death. An epitome of how life is to be lived without moaning and complaining. During her last stage, she was advised complete rest due to her consistent chemotherapy sessions. I can't push off my mind how I used to take her for the sessions regularly, and still, that smile and calmness acted as an antidote for me. But somewhere deep inside I was burning each day wit the fear of losing her for forever. Believe me, this is the most painful moment in a child's life to see his mother on the brink of death. She knew that she will not survive, yet she was very much reluctant to do her tasks herself. She was living in equanimity and her own mantra of life” Never give up and be independent no matter what.”

Finally,  what God has planned, we cannot change his schedule, she took her last breath a month later.

Today, I have accepted all this. However, I still feel her absence in my life. You are, you were and you will be the Master Card of my life.

On this mother's day, I wish and pray for all the mother's a happy and a blissful life. You are like that precious flower in the garden, without which all other flowers have no meaning. Keep Rocking and smiling always. You are a Real Woman in every sense. Salute to your spirit.

A Renaissance woman … undefeatable

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