Inking the Waldorf Journey – and our family grows…!!
|   Dec 04, 2016
Inking the Waldorf Journey – and our family grows…!!

One morning, as we entered our school campus, our watchman stood up and came running behind. He asked us to follow him to one of the classrooms, and opened the stores cane cupboard partially. He informed us to peep in to find a little love bird. A golden yellow love bird. As we peered in, the birdie started to flap its wings and shouting out loud.

We were too startled to react for the moment. Students started to walk in as it was time for the school day to begin. As they began to drop their bags in place and walked up to us, they became excited and wanted to peep in and look at our little friend. Squeals of joys, clapping hands, jumping feet… revealed the excitement that was building up in the environment.

I announced that our friend needs to move to another location as it might feel stifled in the cupboard. Every one agreed. But we didn’t know where to put up our new friend. Finally, we decided to make it a temporary home in a cardboard box. So we found one such box, made slits in it to allow for ventilation and put the birdie in, and sealed the box.

The birdie sat right in the middle of grade 1 classroom. Questions about where it came from, how it was, where its family is, where will it go… and many more kept tumbling on and on. Every student in the class was concerned about its well being. Our games teacher decided that it must return to its family, so she along with all the grade 1s went to the nearest residential buildings enquiring whether anyone had complained of a missing ‘love bird’. None of the watchmen had heard of such a complaint. Now the teacher and all the students came back to school and had a serious meeting. At the end it was decided that the bird needed a new home and so, we at Shishyaa would adopt it.


The day ended in extreme excitement and the little birdie was left in the care of our watchman for the night. The next day was probably the most exciting day for the children. They somehow managed to contain themselves in their seat and waited for all lessons to end. As planned, after school they would all go to buy a house for the new friend. So hand in hand we all got into the car and reached the pet shop where we bought the birdhouse. But then we realised that this is a love bird and it cannot live alone. It needs a partner. So we quickly bought another love bird and also some bird food. We also installed a swing inside the bird house. With all things in place we all were now restless to reach school to our little friend.

In school, we transferred our little friend into the bird house and looked forward at the two birds becoming good friends. Each one of us were gaping with rapt attention to see how they behaved with each other. Although they remained distant from each other for a long while, at the end of about 20 minutes or so, they perched next to each other and finally seemed to accept the others company.

Oh, what a relief! We all celebrated the moment and slapped high fives. Finally the family was complete. The only remaining task was to name these new friends. We decided that we would do that the next day.

Next morning, during the first lesson itself we thought of all different names that we could think of and finally zeroed down on two names which were based on the attributes of each of the birds. So the one with yellow feathers was called ‘Sunny’, and the one with bluish green was named ‘Jaden’. It all felt so complete. The grade 1s spent a little while next to our friends calling them with their names just so they get adjusted to their new names.

And that is how our family grew.

We at Shishyaa know that education is not meant to be achieved in isolation from life. Education is life itself. All the qualities that we wish to see in our children can be acquired only when we engage ourselves in all forms of emotions, and figure out what we can do as human beings at every given opportunity. And most often the opportunities to experience this is outside of the school books… in real life…and organic experiences.

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