Taimur ali Khan stole the thunder from Tushar Kapoor's son Lakshay. Seriously!!!
|   Jun 04, 2017
Taimur ali Khan stole the thunder from Tushar Kapoor's son Lakshay. Seriously!!!

Before starting the article I want to be clear, I am no fan of Kareena or Saif or Tushar.I am just here to discuss about the news flowing all over the Internet from last two days.And that too in casual manner. 😊 

Tushar Kapoor celebrated Birthday of his boy Lakshay.Well,HBD to boy.

Kareena attended Tushar Kapoor's son birthday party.We got to see some very beautiful pics of all the celebrities who have attended the party.

Well , for media people center of attraction was baby Taimur ali Khan .They got to see a full view of baby Taimur with Kareena for the very first time.

News here was "Taimur stealing the thunder from Lakshay." They even cropped and joined together two pictures of babies ,Taimur laughing and Lakshay crying with stealing thunder title.I mean seriously people "GET A LIFE" He is not even 1 yet.All He cares about is sleeping ,eating and pooping. 

If media didn't see Kareena with her boy then she is a irresponsible mother ,If she is going to parties with him then she is making her boy to steal thunder.He didn't even know what is stealing thunder and yet he is making headlines about it.It is funny and disturbing at the same time.

Well, May be it is the drawback of being born in a celeb family.You want it or not you are going to be in news.Your life is going to get lights by flashes of constant clicking of cameras.And so do you will get some extra benefits too.

Anyways ,Kudos to the kids facing all criticism at this age although they don't know what criticism is either.ha ha ha .All we can do is sit back and enjoy.  :) 

Ps: We are all desperately waiting for Taimur's birthday bash.

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