4 simple Tips to get your Energy Back
|   Apr 11, 2017
4 simple Tips to get your Energy Back

In this modern day, everyone is on the constant move and specially we ladies managing work, home, kids, relationships, etc, etc. We feel even 24 hours are less to complete the work. Expectations are huge from everyone be it parents, in-laws, husband, kids, boss, colleagues that we tend to feel worn out by the end of the day trying to manage each and every thing and if any of us is perfectionist kind, then it would be icing on the cake. In the bargain, we forget our wellbeing and keep it as last priority leading us to feel fatigued.

Below are 4 simple yet effective tips to get your energy back.

  1. Get complete body check up – Yes, you read it right. Getting a body check up every year helps in identifying and treating ailments at the right time. Fatigue can be due to any reason which will be unknown until diagnosed.
  2. Eat Fresh and at regular intervals in small quantities – The more everyone talks about it, the more everyone ignores the fact that we have to neglect processed fast food and start giving importance to fresh homemade food at regular intervals during the day. 
  3. Exercise – Simple but very effective. Exercise releases hormones that help our moods to be in control and in turn making us energized for the day. It also gives us the ME time that we crave for especially after motherhood. Even 30 minutes walk can do wonders for our health. 
  4. Sleep-Sleep-Sleep – Whenever and wherever possible, go to sleep. Just 10 minutes nap also will make you refreshed to handle the tasks ahead. Be a full time mom or working mom, we can take a nap while baby is sleeping or while travelling. For those who find it difficult to nap, just closing eyes also is such an energy booster.

Try the above tips and comment with your own ways of rejuvenating yourself.


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