Sarcasm: Free Verse in Strides
|   Apr 16, 2016
Sarcasm: Free Verse in Strides

Being sarcastic is one of my faults. I know it can have a possible devastating effect on them. I try to conquer it time and again, especially with my children. I don't always succeed. Then sometimes, I see K1 using sarcasm with K2. He is a fast learner, after all. That’s when the impact of my folly really hits home. Nowadays, I try to pause before I speak to my children about something I don’t like. This poem is just one in a long series of efforts to vanquish my demons.

Sharp words, oral pinpricks

“Will your beds make themselves?”

“Will your room clean itself?”

“Shall I do your homework?”

“Will you be sleeping at all tonight?”


Ugly barbs, pointed thorns

Pricking away, no blood yet.

Sheepish grins on puzzled faces,

Unsure how to react,

Gauging her mood,

A flare up or a laugh…


After long years of subjection

Trying it out on the younger.

Pleased with the wit,

Stifling a giggle.

Ignoring the hurt, the incomprehension

Something absorbed

Oh, it was best left filtered.


Where have we arrived?

What has been done?

Lessons of love and humility,

Of caring and compassion

Rose petals lost beneath a bed of filth.

As each dead leaf floats to the ground,

Something beautiful gasps and sighs

Dies a lonely death.


Tried by a jury of moms

Found totally wanting

Charged with being sarcastic

Can’t you reason, can’t you explain…instead

Chipping away at the foundation

Dry rot setting in

Not an occasional crumbling

A steady loss, no end in sight

Guilty, guilty, guilty as charged.


Punishment meted out

For a whole month, day in and day out

A chain around your neck

A sticker on the forehead

Proclaiming to the world

‘I am a sarcastic mom’

‘I am being punished’

Ashamed and abashed

Wanting to take all back

Alas, a river’s current seldom reverses.

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