Wean your baby in 3 days flat!
|   Jun 14, 2017
Wean your baby in 3 days flat!

Mommies, I know you have surfed so much online for weaning tips but to no avail. So if you have a baby who's already 1.5 years and wailing every morning for dudu (milk), then relax and just hear me out.

When my baby was almost over 1 year old, my well wishers started suggesting that I start weaning. Like you, even I started looking online for tips but perhaps was never mentally prepared to wean my daughter. Feeding her was definitely tiresome at times but I never gave it a serious thought. 

Why you may ask? Because feeding her was my way of bonding with her. There was so much pleasure in seeing her smile and feed on me with a satisfied look on her face. How could I even think of weaning? But after I resumed work, things were changing and I was getting little time and sleep, with a lot of other errands to do.

One evening, I was suddenly ready to wean her! No karela, no outside medicines, nothing. Sometimes you create your own experiences. 

I just took some haldi and applied it on me. My daughter was ready with her dudu crying. I took her in my lap and gave her a taste of haldi. Her expression was funny. She looked at me and fed on me again. She was surprised. I simply shrugged and said, "dudu kharab hua". She struggled repeating these words and I couldn't control my laughter. I repeated the same thing for the next 2 days whenever she would cry for a feed. Haldi was my best solution and it registered in her mind that the feed had gone bad. 

She stopped asking and crying for a feed. We started focussing on what else she could eat and feel full.

Today, when I look back, I still miss those days of feeding. I take her on my lap and close to my heart. But we all have to move on, right?

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