Gift your Child Emotional Balance!
|   May 07, 2015
Gift your Child Emotional Balance!

This dates back to when I was doing my Post Graduation, we had a guest faculty visiting us.The gentleman asked us a simple question , what one quality you have that
you think can take you places.

Everyone had different things to say - Hard Work, Honesty, Persistence, Confidence....etc.

He smiled and appreciated everyone for their answers and later said , If I were to hire, I would hire someone it would probably be based on their EQ - Emotional Quotient.

The lesson stays with me for life.

Now that I interact with kids on regular basis I relaize that the most important training (Apart from Potty Training..:) ) is Emotional Training.

While some may argue emotions depend on a number of things, genes, environment in which a child is bought up, I believe some part of it can be regulated.

At the end of the day they have to face the world which is not a cake walk. The right attitutde and Emotional Training can help them make the journey pleasant.

Since mothers are a child's first guru, first teacher, first friend , they are the best to impart Emotional Training...(Fathers no offence please...).

So every day is Mother's Day.

In the piece below I have tried to capture some elements of it.

1. Emotional Independence - This is the toughest (I am still trying to master it...:). We can instill confidence in our child by letting them make deciions on their
own and then taking responsibility for them. You can be their emotional anchors for sure but emotional independence is also importnant. Once they learn that they are
responsible for their happiness and saddness, it will be great.The remote is in their hands!

2. Playing with kids from all walks of life. Children learn best when with kids.I have usually seen parents insisting that their children play with kids who come
from equally affluent families. SAD ! Let the child interact with as many kids as possible. Will teach the child many things.

3. Instilling Positive Emotions. - Here we have to lead by example. Positive attitude makes healthy individuals is known to everyone. Let the child learn that every
cloud has a silver lining. Exam Phobia? - Tell them what positivity the exam brings with it. Treat it like a game, where they are the Superheroes. Their only mission
is to prevent a red mark on the Paper. Believe me a Superhero would do everything to prevent it.....:) An emotionally balance child will make a fine adult but also
will help him or her handle tough situations in life better.

4. Its ok to get sad over things, but limit is a must - Incase your child gets upset over things and broods longer the emotional check is a must.As for the
materialistic things let go should be practiced.

5. Everyone gets angry but channelising anger to do something good - Is your child angry becausse you denied pizza last night for dinner....A little tough but
 manageable. Tell them you are not against it, but once a while!
6. Fighting and crying are part of life, you cant get stuck with them - Fighting or quarrelling with friends is common in school, sort it and be friends again.
No Emotional Baggage please.

7. Its ok to get scolded in Public by your parents and teachers...You are not the only one....This will give the child emotional strength.

8. Let them help you with small chores during festivals, functions no matter how smaller the task is. A sense of completing a task is satisfying not only to adults
as well as children.

9. Parents are role models for their kids - Practicing difference between Reaction and Response is must for every parent.

11. Putting everything on Facebook or Twitter...where did u eat last sunday....which event you are going for..... You fought with someone.....I just dont get it.
Its either for attention or because you cant handle your emotions. Share it with parents, friends , family rather than those annoying message updates on FB.
(I know I am Old School....:).

Gift your child Emotional Strength and let him or her reap benefits for life.

No doubt about the fact ,# Every day is Mothers day.

Would love to hear from you!

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