Reality Shows - The New Fad
|   Apr 07, 2015
Reality Shows - The New Fad

The new fad today is to learn some performing art and then participate in a reality show and show the world what you got.

I Love reality shows for the Drama they build up....the background score they play to show an emotion is stronger than the emotion itself.....:).The way a participant
is introduced is no less than a, friends,neighbours everyone gets a chance to be on T.V...Hurray! The only time when everyone says good things about

Being fascinated by the idea, I decided to learn Dancing , Cooking ,playing a musical instrument and even Singing.

Typical mentality 'Yeh Nahin to woh Sahi'..:)

What happened next ?

Just sit back, relax and fall in Splits as you read further.

Dance Class

Day 1. Perfect ambience. Large Mirrors (A place a Narcissist like me would love to be at), Big Hall and a couple of people like me who were waiting for the class to

The class began with some exercises which were meant to increase our flexibility.... I tried a few and felt like a monkey who had just lost a banana...I was running
all around the room, with perfect hand and leg movement, the only thing missing was Synchronization of the two ...:)

The teacher too, looked concerned...His expressions were screaming - I am sure you can do everything on earth...but Dance....I am not too Sure?.

Day 2

2. The second day we were all put in groups and a simple step was assigned. We had to repeat the step on the count of 1,2,3.Easy Yeah! Not Really.First time in life I
realized its tough to remember even 1 2 3 forget the STEPS..:)

Day 3

Putting the act together. We had to combine steps to perform parts of songs in Groups. My group had enthusiasts like can imagine:). We did everything else
jumping, running, making faces the only thing missing was DANCE...
Day 4

Did not arrive - Bahut Dance Ho Gaya.

Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!

Next Destination ..... The Cooking Class

Day 1. A middleaged woman gave a long lecture on how cooking gets you the praise you want....I wanted to scream - Lady, Enough of theory..Practical Please!

Day 2. Action Time - A basic recipe was shown and we had to follow the same. The recipe involved kneeding the dough...cutting veggies etc....OMG all this looks so
glamorous on Television.

Day 3. No subject is complete without a Test.... How I fared? Would not want to reveal it on this forum....:)

Similarly other classes Singing and playing a musical instrument did not have diiferent results either.

Conclusion drawn - Afterall, if everyone wants to participate in these reality shows who is going to watch them!...:).

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