Reversed roles
|   Jun 23, 2016
Reversed roles

"Its wake up time", "Chun(Sun) is here", "Rise and Shine", someone trying to wake up cute little bundle of joy.The son is getting late for school and so does the parent for office.But despite getting irritated,the parent is trying all sorts of tricks to wake up the toddler with a smiley face and trying to start his day on a positive happy note.

You must be thinking,"what's the big deal in that".Every home with a school going kid witnesses more or less the same scene in the morning when mothers are trying hard to keep their calm while battling morning chores and attending to the kids.

But hey, here the parent I am talking about is not a mother but a father. Yes you hear it right,a father, a NEW age father.

This new age father is daddy cool and very hands on with kids. His softer side is very visible as compare to its authoritative figure.For him,raising kid is not at all only a mother's job.He enjoys spending fum time with his kid,in fact; raising kid for him doesn't demean his manly ego or masculine self.

Changing diapers, putting baby to sleep,feeding him doesn't scare him anymore.Infact, at times he does it better than his better half ☺.He has earned and very well deserved all the kind words like nurturer,warm,loving,thoughtful, caring,emotional, special etc,those till date used to get associated with mothers.

We read so many articles on woman empowerment, also,hear people talking about how a woman ( mother) is playing dual role at home and office, how she is a role model for many of us and so on.I,being a working mother myself subscribed to this woman empowerment and salute to all the women ( working/ non working) who are actually the homemakers.

But,at the same time, I acknowledge and appreciate the role of today's new age fathers ,who are leaving no stone unturned to be a homemaker just like their better halves.

In today's time,"Mothers are new Fathers and Fathers are new Mothers"- complimenting each other very well and giving a protective loving environment to their kids.

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