Yes, my son goes to a parlour
|   Aug 02, 2016
Yes, my son goes to a parlour

Ratna met her neighbour, Sakshi on her way back from the spa.

You are glowing, Ratna complimented, Sakshi.  Hey Thanks, just got me my Oxy glow facial and aromatic spa.

Then both of them indulged in their talks right from how good the new spa in their neighbourhood is and how often one should go and what all therapies are there.

When they are enjoying  each their beauty tips and advices, suddenly a statement caught Ratnas attention. Parvati aunty (Sakshis MIL) who was accompanying her pregnant daughter in law for her routine evening walk was asking Kabeer (Ratnas 5 year old son) - Arre tu bhi jata hai parlour (you go to parlor), ye sab dekhega to ladki ban jayega (With all this, you will become a girl one day).

Ratna without wasting a minute rescued her son from this embarrassing conversation and out rightly asked Parvati Aunty Aunty ji, you grown up seeing your father, brother, and then, your husband and son shaving everyday but, I havent seen you act like a man You still are so beautiful and very much woman .

Parvati Aunty  found it astonishing, couldnt utter a word. Dont know because of this unexpected Ratnas revert or if she has seen her DIL trying hard to hide her mischievous expression.

(However, Ratna made this statement to bail his son out of this situation, but for me there is a sarcasm hidden there. Sarcasm on our mentality, sarcasm on our thought process that compels us to treat both the genders differently.)

But, Ratna didnt stop there.
She said, and for your kind information, my son, do accompany me when I go for monthly shopping and pick my sanitary napkins. In fact, at one instance he was like, Maa, get the green one. Blue is not looking nice. I know he is too small to understand  the womans monthly cycle and only brightest colour make sense to him, but I know in future at least he wont act suspicious when he will see some girl shopping the stuff. For him, it will be a normal process that every girl goes through.

You know what aunty, I want to make all such taboos very casual and very normal things for him so that he can grow with a much healthier mentality towards the opposite gender.

I am sorry aunty if I sounded rude but this is how I want to raise my son.

With this, Ratna leans a bit towards Sakshi and said Waiting for the good news. You please take care of yourself. Bye

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