Is Everything Over After Giving Birth To A Baby
|   Feb 17, 2017
Is Everything Over After Giving Birth To A Baby

                    I heard one of my friend conveying " I was asked to eat for two, loved for two, pampered for two and suddenly at a certain moment it came down to nothing". I was shocked after hearing from her. The way she cried I felt like thinking Why she is invisible now. Because she had delivered a baby .

                   This is usually unintended but the arrival of a new life grasps everyone's attention and the mother who had been the center of  everyone's attention has suddenly lost all the extra care. This is natural but it leaves the mother feeling frustrated as well as guilty. Husband's at this time play a vital role. He can make the mother feel loved. The new role as father often shadows the role of a husband. Mother should be given time for own. Remember a mother is a woman who still has interest and needs. Her own needs and wishes should be supported. A woman after being mother is forced to leave her job so that the child is not neglected but what about a woman. Why fathers are not forced to leave their job. Is child the only responsibility of a mother?

                  Then why the child is given her father's name? A supportive husband, caring in-laws can make a woman bloom like a flower . Her fragrance is very much required in life. Take her out, listen to her, divide the work, pamper her.... after all she gave you a baby by keeping the child 9 months inside her womb- the pain she had gone through is only can be felt by her alone. Having a baby is both a beautiful and panic ridden state. Through mutual responsibility/ understanding one can make it the most memorable times of one's life. A healthy mother is essential for healthy child and a healthy woman is essential for the healthy house.

               Nothing is completed after the birth of a baby. In-fact a new life , a new phase have been started.  Lets just keep ourselves happy and involved. Lets not blame ourselves for everything. And dear husbands please take care of your wife as you are doing for your child. After all she is the Mother of the Child and a part of you.

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