Things I miss during pregnancy bed-rest
|   Oct 22, 2016
Things I miss during pregnancy bed-rest

There are still around 3 months left for my due date which I have to spend while being on complete bed rest. Needless to say, there are many things in life which I have to give a miss during this time. So, here is a list of things that I miss tremendously:

1. Wearing heels - My sexy heels!! I sooo miss wearing them. More than half of my entire shoes collection has been wrapped and put in the attic as I would not be needing them for quite sometime now. :( I somehow feel that my entire attire is not complete till I complete it with a pair of heels.

2. Getting dressed and going out - Being a person who loves going out and having fun. Pregnancy does restrict it but strict bed rest means a big fat NO to going out be it clubbing,movies,dinner, sigh!! I so miss getting my hair done, wearing a new outfit and enjoying the night out.

3. Sleep - After the initial 3 months, sleeping also became impossible. Heartburn, vomiting, mausea, sleeplessness - it was always something or the other. Now as Ive entered the third trimester, the immense back pain and anxiety about the baby is keeping me awake all night. Earlier I would go off to such deep slumber that phone call, doorbell ringing, earthquake

(!!) would not also keep me from sleeping

peacefully so this is definitely a big problem.

4. Being independent - I was previously working in a company so I used to leave home by 9 and reach in the night by 8 and my profile made me drive across Delhi/NCR for meetings. So after leading such a hectic and independent life, suddenly being tied to the bed felt so barbaric. Being dependent on others for every little is something I loathe. I can't wait to stand on my feet again even if it is only to do my daily chores,cook or do baby's work (never thought would actually look forward to doing work...uugghh)

5. Coffee - I so miss drinking cold coffee in the mornings or generally having coffee to relieve headache or calm myself down. My doctor has not asked me to stop, however, I have read that it is advised to limit caffeine intake so have stopped myself. I do cheat by having Thums up once or twice a week as I'm having bad cravings for it, so it kind of balances out.

6. Cards season - Diwali is near. Cards party invitations have started pouring in. It almost breaks my heart to know that everybody else (including my hubby) is enjoying the cards party besides me. ( Ok I admit only my hubby enjoying part breaks my heart but I cant write that out directly in my blog for all to read now, can I?)

All said and done, these are small sacrifices that I know are necessary in my current situation. After the delivery, all these things are going to be there all my life. It is a small price to pay for such great happiness but I do not feel guilty to say that I do miss all the things I'm skipping now and am really looking forward to having my life return back to normal (as normal as it can be after having a kid) as quickly as possible. :) 

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