|   Aug 19, 2016

Woman body is miracle. Every stage of life we experience something new. Shocking, surprising, painful, ashamed, Natural are few feeling- adjectives for those changes!

Child birth is the life changing experience for every woman. Physical & emotional changes are at its Peak. I was not left untouched & believe me I enjoyed every single stage till I bumped into the most mystifying & delicate part of child birth, Breastfeeding! 

Due to C section we cannot breastfeed baby for 2-3 days immediately. Even if it’s managed it’s not convenient for both baby as well as mother. We tried to breastfeed my baby & she refused! I thought something is seriously wrong with my breasts or milk! Is it not tasty? Is it not convenient to hold? …. after all I was 1st time mom. Now I can actually arrange a session on basics of breastfeeding is another story! It doesn’t get over there, Nurse does some terrible stunts to ensure baby can hold the nipple & believe me its horribly agonizing & maddening but we all can come out being “Baazigar”!( Kuchh Pane k liye kuchh khona hota & khoke pane wale ko Bazigar kehate hain ! ) Breastfeeding is something which connects you with your baby post umbilical cord cut. We try to understand each other & that’s “our-Me” time. 

I have love hate kind of relationship with breastfeeding process to be honest. Love as I can feed my baby anywhere anytime & hate since I cannot feed my baby at many places many times. In India it’s still not comfortable to breastfeed baby in public places. Lack of hygiene & facilities are few reasons due to which many new born moms avoid to travel till baby progressed to other food options. I continued it till my baby turned 1.5yrs but I know many who stopped breastfeeding in between. 

Most important, I have been lucky to be part of the organization where they understand new moms concern & helped me to go ahead with part time working policy for 3-6 months immediately after my maternity leave & believe me it turned out “BOON” for me. While joining back office from maternity leave, I was very much worried not only for my baby but also for myself! I just couldn’t hold it for long. In Mumbai you cannot travel home/ day care, breastfeed your baby & come back. I ensured my professional commitments were met flawlessly. Off late I can see many organizations are coming up with wonderful female centric policies/Maternity policies which were missing from the scene since long. It actually discouraged too many Indian women to either leave the job or take a break. For any career oriented woman both these options are not easy as it sounds. 

Gradually we can be comfortable with the breastfeeding process & over the period of time it becomes the most satisfying experience of motherhood. So all the lovely moms out there…. Happy breastfeeding! #HelpMomsBreastfeed

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