NGO(S) : Helping The Helping Hands
|   Dec 03, 2016
NGO(S) : Helping The Helping Hands

On a busy Monday morning having done all my household routines, having sips of my coffee. My maids were all present there. As it was their usual pattern of activity, I relaxed watching TV. As soon as I finished my coffee I switched it off and went towards my store to pull out washed clothes from the machine. Something struck me at the door, a sweet melodious voice of my maid singing a folk song. She came out with the bucket in hand for floor cleaning and gave me a smile, I reciprocate. I did my part done and come back to the dining hall and while sitting I noticed a sweet smile of happiness she is carrying on her face.  I asked her “ kya baat h Daya aaj badi khush h tu? (You looking so happy, what happened?)”

“ji didi , meri beti Ruchi, yahin paas k ek bade school k nursing k course k test me paas ho gayi h . Ab woh log use bula rahe hain. Kah rahe hain sirf 100Rs. mahina dena hoga baki sab free, school ki ek NGO h. Didi jayada khushi ki baat yeh h ki test me 2000 baccha baitha hoga , usme 600 baccha paas hua, aur meri Ruchi 6th number par h(Yes, sister, a test was conducted by the nearby famous school for a nursing course, my daughter participated and passed it. 2000 students took this test, but only 600 passed and my daughter got 6th position. Now they are calling her for admission in their school run by their NGO. The fee is only 100Rs. per month.)"She told me.

“ Are wah , yeh toh badi khushi ki baat h, Mubarak ho (Congratulations, it’s a very good news).”

“Badi acchi baat h (It’s good news)” The other maid said.

“Ji didi hum in bacchon k acche bavishya k liye hi toh itni mehnat kar rahe hain,didi hum nahi chahte ki hamare bacche bhi humari tarah ghar ghar ja kar kaam karen. Ladki h , mein chahati hun ki pade likhe mehnat kare aur apne paron par khadi ho jaye, taki bure waqt me kisi k sahare ki jaroorat na ho. Didi ji hamare liye kisi ne nahi socha aur agar koi ma-baap agar chahe bhi toh school hi nahi the , ya fir door door the. Par ab yeh NGO waale hain na yeh badi madad karte hain. Abhi bhi woh Ruchi ko high school paas karne mein puri madad kar rahe hain. Uske baad bade school ki NGO h wahan sham se padai karange aur nurse ka course! Hamari kahan itni soch aur hasiyat didi(Yes, sister, we are putting so much of pain and efforts in our work just for our kids good future. We don’t want them to live life like us, as we are doing work in house to house. She is a girl and if she will do her best in studies she will be an independent woman and can be able to stand tall if something mishaps. In our times, no one was there to think about girls studies, and, if some parents do, then there were no school or very far away, making it hard for us. These NGO’s are the blessing for the poor’s. Currently, they are helping Ruchi for class 10th, and later, she will join their NGO at big school’s compound in the evening. Nursing Course! We don’t have that much sense and ability to do so.” She explains.

“ sahi kaha Daya. Tumhari Ruchi badi mahnati h , who jaroor kuch accha karegi aura age badegi . Savitri tu bhi kun nahi padati apne bacchon ko( Rightly said Daya, definitely Ruchi will do her best and make you people proud. Savitri , why don’t you educate your children there!)?” I said to Daya and asked Savitri at the same time. 

"haan , ek se panch tak k bachon ko toh free me pada rahe hain. Sham ko mein saath chalungi aur tum baat kar lena admission ki(Yes, they are providing free education till class 5th. I’ll come along with you to school today evening to enquire about admission.)”Suggested Daya to Savitri.

“theekh h (Okay)” she shakes her head in consent.

We share a smile with each other and begin our work again. After two days Savitri informed me of her kids getting admission by that school’s NGO. I saw a feeling of satisfaction on her face. And I too feel happy and think about NGO’s driven by the different organization for the welfare of our society from city to town. 

There are so many NGO’s in our neighborhood who are helping our helping hands. They are the true well-wishers of the society. Some are big becoming a brand by themselves (like NGO RUN BY TIHAR JAIL Authority, its products are famous by name TJ’S), but still not distracted from their mission. Some fighting for existence, but still not backing in enthusiasm. From slums of metropolitan cities to far most villages they are always present and on their feet’s, fully dedicated towards their missions. 

Many times I think of working with or volunteer in these NGO’s, but with my lack of dedication and concern, I always failed in joining them. But this time I am determined and this is my way of volunteering. I’ll spread info and seek help from these NGO’s to the helping hands coming in my society. By sharing this story I request you, please tell your maids, drivers, watchmen, sweepers and other about the nearby NGO’s, so that they can be able to take advantage of services provided by these NGO’s for the well-being of poor’s and backward.         

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