No Bake Cake Recipe
|   Jan 06, 2017
No Bake Cake Recipe

Oh yes! A no bake, quick & yummy cake with our school time favourite buddies- Bournvita & Marie. And if your kids have an interest in cooking and baking and you don't have the idea from where they can start , then let them allow to try this. They will definitely love this activity.  Not only kids your husband and your guest they too like it ......yeh itna tasty jo h!

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Serves- 4-6 persons

To start with collect Ingredients –

Bournvita – 2-3 tbsp ( you can try it with 

Hot chocolate powder too)

Marie biscuit- 1 packet( or any other plane biscuits like Parle G)

Molten butter –1/2 cup

Cake tin-1 (spring open is the best)

Whipping cream – 2 cups (one cup for Bournvita layer & the other for cream layer) Choco chips- 1 cup( or the del monte's fruit delight small tin

Now let's start mixing and fixing

Make a crumble with Marie biscuits and molten butter to be the base of the cake.

Grease the base of the cake tin with molten butter.

Add the biscuit crumble as the base in a cake tin.

In a bowl, whisk whipping cream and Bournvita and keep aside.

Whisk the other cup of whipping cream in a separate bowl & keep aside.

Pour the Bournvita whipped cream (soft peaks) on the biscuit base.

Let it set in the fridge for 15-20 mins.

Ready for the icing

Add some thick white whipped cream (stiff peaks) on top.

Now allow your kid to show his/her creativity while decorating it with chico chips or fruit delight. demould it from the cake tin.


Cut & serve!

You can also make it a multi layered cake add another layer of buiscit and bournvita paste before icing cream.  Yoh can add Chico chips or fruits in between layers too. Its totally on your creativity.  Ummmhhhhh.....its yummy and the best part is no fire no electricity. 

Enjoy your cake....and stay happy. Until next time ....bye . Have a nice day

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