Depression is not madness
|   Dec 11, 2016
Depression is not madness

Sometimes I wonder what the role of a psychiatrist in our life is. If we are consulting them or seeking for their help, then that means we have some kind of a mental disorder!

A year back, I got a call from my friend Shrishti. She sounded quite upset so I asked for the reason. She explained and started crying. I was surprised after hearing the reason, Oh my god! You are upset just because a vendor talks some rubbish to you, or your maid is not talking properly to you. Are you kidding? Seriously!" To this she responded, "No, I am not joking. How they dare talk to me like that. That vendor, I'll never go to him again, how dare he?! And my maid, I expelled her from work a week back. And you know what she is doing!  She is sitting daily in front of my house and cursing me with the other maids." 

I was stunned at this. "What curse! What are you talking?" I asked. “Yes, cursing! You know the day she left working at my house, from the very next day, there has been something wrong happening every now and then to me.” Oh my god!  It was devastating. What is she talking about? She is an educated woman. How can she believe in such things? She was not like this ever before. I tried to convince her with my conceptions, but failed. She started crying, "You too think that I am wrong, he too thinks that I am wrong. But no, I am not wrong. You won't understand what I am going through. Do you think that I haven't done anything to prevent the misfortune but no, she really has a black eye. My husband is fighting with me daily for silly reasons. He thinks that I have gone mad." 

She again started crying but by now I was trying to understand her scenario towards the matter. Actually, she went into depression so many times because of the kind of relationship she shared with her husband. There have been many misunderstandings and aloofness. And whenever she felt the absence of good communication and confidence, she dragged herself towards the pool of negative thoughts, which further pushed her into depression. Her present talks and delusions were may be again the result of that fact. She has an eight-year-old daughter who I feel concerned about too.  She is a bright student and a tennis player who is doing more than enough to achieve her goals. But with this kind of an environment in the family, what will be her future?

My thoughts rested and I decided to give her my views. “Shrishti, shall I say something?" I asked her to which she said yes. "First of all, stop crying and try to listen and understand me. Please." She just hummed. I started, “See Shrishti, by how much I know about you and your relationships, but mainly the one with your husband, I think you are in a serious need to seek clinical help. Please think about it, and go to a marriage counselor or a psychiatrist. You are deteriorating your mind and health both. If you need someone to accompany you, I'll come with you."

She instantly responded, "Grrrrrrr! What psychiatris?! Do you think I am mad? My mistake, totally my mistake. I don’t have to share it with anyone. Everyone thinks that I am mad." 

I replied, “No! No, dear, it's not like that. If you go to see a psychiatrist, doesn’t mean you are mad. It means that you are not able to balance your thoughts and your actions. Dear, it means that your mind is going out of track and needs to be cured. Our brains need direction and moreover, our thoughts need a halt.  Psychiatrists are only doctors who understand human behavior more closely. They are like other doctors, dear. It’s similar to going to a physician for cold and flu. Please don't take me wrong. It’s all for your benefit. Please do think about this. I'll accompany you if you say. Come on, be brave, and accept the truth."

Soon after, I felt relaxed when she calmly gave her consent by saying that she will think about it.

She has recently joined an NGO that works for people suffering through mental pressure or are in depression, and provides them with medical help so they can live their lives to the fullest.  She is enjoying every moment of her life with her near and dear ones.

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