Social Responsibility - My daughter's perspective
|   Sep 12, 2016
Social Responsibility - My daughter's perspective

Social responsibility – A Daughter’s perspective

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” ~Franklin Delano Roosevelt

It was a Saturday evening; we had just begun shopping at a super market, instead of taking the elevator to go up the second floor we took the ramp area. Even before we could climb up, Cookie said she would come back in 5 minutes and asked me to go up. I wondered what was she up to and what I observe to my delight is that she had observed an old woman having difficulties pushing a cart full of shopping products down the ramp, she offered to help the old woman push the cart all through to ground floor and came back running to me.

Another day, we parked our car in the basement and took the elevator to go to our floor. Cookie pressed the ground floor button along with our floor number. I asked her why she wanted to go to the ground floor. Her answer moved me. She said she heard a continuous beep sound of the elevator in the other block that indicated the elevator was open and it felt like somebody had forgotten to close it. She wanted to go close the elevator so the electricity is not wasted and then she will come back home.

She led a campaign called “Mission Earth” in my community and influenced her friends to voice for this cause. She asked me to create a video of her message and spread it to the world. Here is the link to the video that is her brain child

At home, I constantly observe her switching off the lights or fans when no one is in the room, she denies accepting plastic covers from shopkeepers whenever we walk into any shops. She believes food shouldn’t be wasted, times when she may not relish a particular dish/food offered to her at home or by friends or relatives, she has gracefully finished it even without complaining. Her behavior is consistent, even when I forget to act responsibly with these things, she stands as a rock beside me reminding me and coaxing me to act. I am proud of this little wonder and learn so much from her. She never ceases to amaze me.

The incidents I have narrated may be small, but for a 9 year old they are things she could have chosen to ignore or not even observe. As they say “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” She has imbibed what I would call Individual social responsibility into her DNA. She has never attended any of the workshops on Social responsibility. She doesn’t have to please anyone or fulfill any of the mandatory obligations that we as corporates do. She is just instilled with a thought of making a difference and that’s all matters to her. I often wondered when she asks me questions such as “Can we not stop using plastic covers Mamma” or “What can we do to make this earth a better place to live”….these questions from her do not convey that it’s a nice to do thing, but they are asked with the highest sense of conviction and a sense of urgency. While I am delighted by the depth of her thought, I am also moved and challenged to act urgently. She is my yardstick on living up to my social responsibility. I will do whatever it takes to support and participate in my child’s dream of making this world a better to place to live. Will you too? 

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