You're not a failure ...
|   Feb 17, 2016
You're not a failure ...
Shobha felt tears well up in her eyes and a lump formed in her throat. Unable to comprehend , she stared blankly at the person sitting across her. 

She was at her son's school. Jai's teacher had called her and in a very formal manner told her that her son was not capable enough to continue in the class he was presently studying in. He could not comprehend what was being taught in that class, he could not write properly and that he failed to read as fluently as his peers. In short, he was probably 'dyslexic' and needed  special care.

A myriad of emotions ran through her heart and mind. While her heart went out for her little one, her mind rapidly came up with rejection then defense and finally defeat. 

With a heavy heart and heavier steps, she treaded her way back home. Jai, completely oblivious to the shock that her mother was going through, walked cheerfully holding her hand, happy to leave school earlier than usual. 

The enormity of the situation sunk in.
 Being  a single parent, Shobha not only  felt the stress of what her son's future would be like but the addition burden of the society that she lived in. Ignorant and scared , she sat Jai across him throwing a volley of question at him. Jai looked at him blankly , confused at the sudden interrogation. The person across him seemed like a stranger. Not her loving and doting mother but someone just accusing him and scolding him. Why?? His little brain had no answer. 

The following days were an agony for both. Her fear of failure made Shobha vent out her frustration and trepidation on Jai. What would Jai do? Whom would he go to? Where would he vent out his fear?and most important, what was his fault?? The thought never crossed her mind. 

This eventually took a toll on Jai. Within  a few days, he went from a bubbly and cheerful boy to a quiet and solemn one. He would sit quietly for hours and no one would even notice his presence. Like a flower that was once blooming and had suddenly shrunk and shriveled. His silence screamed to his mother to hold him and comfort him, tell him all was okay and that he was still her special child. 

Jai sobbed quietly as he lay next to his mother. Fear and loneliness filled his heart. Shobha realised her mistake. She knew then that what she was doing was destroying her child from within and that the damage would be irreplaceable. 

The next day was a new beginning for both. Shobha was determined not to accept defeat and most importantly not to blame Jai anymore. She surfed the net, met counsellors and read multiple books. Slowly and gradually, with professional help and most importantly, the love that had gone missing, Jai was himself once again. He was happier and more confident. His progress was slow but definitely positive. 

Jai now had a smile on his face as he snuggled closer to his mother. Shobha realised how close she had come to losing him. The thought alone made her cringe. 

Not only had she got her son back, but she had learnt an important lesson too. Just because her son had failed at something, did not turn him or her into losers or failures. It only meant that they should fight the difficulty and not succumb to it. 

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