Somewhere I belong!!!
|   Jan 15, 2017
Somewhere I belong!!!

She looks raidiant!! Doesn't she? Exclaimed her friends. It was the day of her wedding, Mahira who was always energetic and confidant seemed nervous. Though she agreed to the arranged setup of marriage, however she only went ahead to marry Ayan because they instantly clicked. Everything happened too soon but she was Happy. 

Soon after marriage, she came to terms with the realities of the so called eternal bliss. She was instructed to be prim and proper all the time with so many relatives coming. She was to do all the cooking and her mother-in-law interfered with everything. Mahira continued to do her role of a dotting wife and daughter-in-law however it seemed that the family couldn't settle for less.

Soon Ayan left for the states and so did Mahira along with him feeling at bliss that now they would have some space of their own, however it was just a thought and Ayan's mother never ending interference continued creating issues between the couple. 

From cultural change to different practices of keeping the house clean and cooking food, they started arguing about everything. Mahira was getting frustated day by day with the intruding nature of Ayan's mother and Mama's boy attitude of Ayan, but she kept taking it as she loved Ayan immensely. 

Mahira was becoming quiter day by day. More negative about life and her relationship. All she wished for was a little support from her husband however her expectations did not have any importance. Soon they returned back to India and started living with the parents again. Mahira's fear had come to reality of dealing with her mother-in-law and her indiffernt behaviour and dominance. 

The only way of venting out her frustation was to start standing up for herself. To do things her way and involve into things she liked to do. 

This is to all those out there dealing with similar problems. To all those who can find solace in things they like to do. 

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