Baby's Day out!!!
|   Nov 29, 2016
Baby's Day out!!!

"When was the last time you looked into my eyes?" said my husband, as we looked into each other's eyes during the photoshoot. On hearing this, I actually became a bit self conscious. But, pretty soon our 2.5 year old munchkin jumped onto us, making us feel his presence. Reminding us that he too was very much present and needed our attention. And we were back to being a parent.


On our way home from the photo shoot, my husband's question kept on revolving in my head. Sad but true, I seriously don't remember the last time we looked at each others eyes that romantically. After having a baby, we had actually stopped thinking of us as a couple. We have transformed from a husband and a wife, into a mum and a dad. And everything in our lives have started revolving around our munchkin. It was Priyanka Dev (Evoke Pictures), who actually made us look into each others eyes so romantically, after a long time.


And it was my son, who made me write. The amateur writer in me, in fact, was born due to my son. And thanks to him, that I realised 'The Emptiness' in my parents life. Winning the contest was definitely very very exciting. Thanks to and Priyanka Dev of Evoke pictures, to help us capture some of the best moments of us, as a family.


As scheduled, we met at Lodhi Gardens, all prepared for the photo shoot. Priyanka had already given us a guideline about the things required for the photo shoot, well in advance. Initially, I was apprehensive about how my son will react in front of a total stranger trying to click his pictures. Without his cooperation, the photo shoot might as well, become a total disaster. But, thankfully Priyanka made him so comfortable that at the end of the photo shoot he wanted to follow Priyanka Aunty to her car. It was more like a picnic for him, running around the place, looking at the birds and squirrels, posing for the pictures, jumping around, laughing around, playing with his toys. And it was so much fun to see him so happy. It was indeed a Baby's day out.


P.S. This is what I felt about Priyanka Dev's photography. When I write, I write from my heart. When she takes pictures, she takes it from her heart. Her passion for her work is reflected in every single picture she takes. Thanks to her, now we have with us some of the most beautiful moments captured, to last for a lifetime.


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