Bless me from a distance, there will be a time when I will run.. Till then, let me be the delicate little one..
|   Mar 07, 2017
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Bless me from a distance, there will be a time when I will run.. Till then, let me be the delicate little one..

asked the doctor if he could extend my stay, just for a day. He smiled and said, go home!! I hardly keep my patients for more than three days; consider yourself lucky to have stayed here for four days.

Poor me!

But, my husband had already packed my bags, ready to take our baby home. But, somehow I was still scared leaving the safe sterile hospital. The words of our Paediatrician kept on ringing inside my head. Make sure that the baby is handled by only you. The lesser the number of people handling your delicate darling, the safer he will be.

Chalo fine! My mum, dad, mom in law, father in law, everyone had come to take us home. The baby was sleeping comfortably in my arms, wrapped in a cosy towel. Once we reached home, I was actually taken aback by the number of visitors waiting to see the baby. They wanted to be a part of our happiness. They all wanted a sneak peak of our bundle of joy.

But, suddenly one of my close friends took my baby in her hands. Yes, hands were neither washed, nor sterilised, and she being a close friend of mind, made it even more difficult for me to ask her not to. Even before the baby was born, I had instructed my whole family to get used to handwash. Even at the hospital, the pediatrician showed me the correct method of washing our hands (he was pretty strict about personal hygiene). And there I was, standing helplessly, seeing my baby in the hands of my friend, unable to express my concerns about her not sterilised hands. But, at that point of time, I just couldn't utter a single word. I wanted too, but I couldn't. She too had been eagerly waiting for my baby, and was definitely doing it out of love. I knew that I was wrong, but, I still couldn't do it.

But, then my neighbour entered. Both are very renowned neurosurgeons of Kolkata. And they didn't even enter the baby room. They watched the baby from a distance and congratulated us. She looked a bit annoyed, seeing my baby in my friends lap. And being a doctor by profession, she finally couldn't keep quiet. She told me that, make sure, no one enters the baby room, not even the grandparents, unless they have cleaned themselves. Make everyone uses hand sanitiser. Don't risk your baby's health to save your friendship. Friends and family should be there to make the environment safe for the baby. Everyone will understand, all you have to do is talk.

I knew that she was correct; I knew that she was talking about the safety of my munchkin, but still, all I did was made a sad face and shrug. I still couldn't muster the courage to go and tell my friend, not too. And I felt terrible. But, that was the first and last time it ever happened. Later, I did talk to my friend and she said, that ‘don't you worry. I knew the prerequisites of holding a baby. Just before you were about to reach, me and my son changed our clothes, washed our hands, and you know the best part, your 5 year old boyfriend, he handed me his Dettol hand sanitiser. And told me strictly, that I have to use it before touching the baby! And he himself must have finished a bottle of it, just to go there and stand near the baby. But, still, you know I think I should have controlled my emotions and stayed away. I am actually feeling sorry about that. Next time onwards, I will wait till the curfew is lifted.’

What a relief it was. I was so happy, that everyone was so concerned about our baby's safety. And, by god’s grace, I never faced any such situation in the near future. Visitors poured in to bless our child with a goodie bag along with a set of instructions for me, making it sure that clean all the clothes and toys with Dettol water. Yes, Dettol, it was. Something that has been in-filtered in my head by my mum, since childhood! And now, it was time for my child to get protected by it.

Mums start taking care of the child even before its born. Check out this beautiful video:

I never had to follow any of those rituals that are usually forced upon by the elderly, on the mother and child for the first 40days. My mom in law as well as my mum, no one had even mentioned it, even for once. Rather, both of them took the necessary precautions to keep the room and the baby, safe from germs, guide their friends and relatives to watch and bless the baby from a distance. And this was the reason why, I had almost forgotten about those early days. Those 40 days of keeping our newborn, safe.

And thanks, to mycity4kids for organising the Dettol meet, where I could relive those precious moments again. Listening to the other mums or would be mums, I could feel that, all mums are made up of the same material. They may look different, dress differently, speak different language, but, their hearts work in the same manner. Their only motive is their child's safety.

Hats off to motherhood!!! Nothing in world can be compared to that.

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