How to store extracted breast milk??
|   Aug 02, 2017
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How to store extracted breast milk??

I still remember the day when I gave a bottle of expressed milk to my husband and told him to feed our baby. There was a proud smile on his face, as our bundle of joy enjoyed his delicious meal on his lap. Watching a father taking over the responsibility of feeding his child is truly priceless. And I owe this priceless moment to the breast pump.

Initially, my Mom in law had certain apprehensions about giving my baby stored milk, that too from the refrigerator. And to tell you the truth, I too was a bit skeptical about using a breast pump. Not, cause I will be storing the milk or will be giving my baby refrigerated milk, but because of the fact that, somewhere, I felt that it would hamper the bonding between a mother and a child. But, once I started using it, I found that it actually strengthened our bonding. Now, I had more time and more energy, to be with my baby, as the breastfeeding duty passed onto my husband and my mother. And it was a pleasure to watch them feed our little member.

Being a voracious reader, I did a thorough research on the existing brands of breast pumps and finally zeroed it on Chicco. The Chicco manual breast pump was within my budget and user friendly. In Fact the Chicco breast pump and the Chicco bottle steriliser was one of the best buys I ever made. Then I did a lot of reading on the method of storing breast milk from various websites. And it actually made my job easier.

This is what I practiced while storing my breast milk for our bundle of joy.

    • Sterilisation of the breast pump and the storage bottle is a must. I never used storage bags, as bottles were more convenient.

    • After sterilising the pump, use it to express the breast milk.

    • Once the milk is pumped, make sure that the bottle cap is tightly sealed and then stored.

    • Transfer the bottle of expressed milk immediately to the refrigerator.

    • If you are planning to use the expressed milk the very same day, then you can avoid freezing it. But refrigeration is a must.

    • Never fill the bottle to it's brim as the milk is likely to expand on freezing.

    • Keep the milk away from the fish and poultry.

    • Labeling of the bottle is very important. I always marked the date and time of the expressed milk.

    • While feeding the baby, I followed the FIFO(First in, first out) method.

    • Pump as much as your baby can consume. Breast milk is really precious, so it's better not to waste it.

    Storing breast milk is easy. But, there are certain necessary precautions to be taken into account before offering it to your baby.

      • If the bottle is in the freezer, then take it out at least an hour before offering.

      • Let the milk thaw in the outside temperature.

      • Never boil to melt it or warm it using a microwave.

      • You can offer the milk, once it is in room temperature or you can choose to slightly warm it by putting the bottle in warm water for sometime or can use bottle warmer.

      • Don't refreeze the unused breast milk. So, store an amount the baby can consume in one feed in each bottle.

      And last but not the least, buy BPA free bottles and replace it as per the brand guidelines. After all, it's your baby and you definitely want the best for him.

      Breastfeeding isn't just about milk. It is also about love." And storing that love isn't rocket science. And expressed milk is also an expression of love!!

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