When I became MOTHER and you became a FATHER !
|   Nov 21, 2016
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When I became MOTHER and you became a FATHER !

From the first ultrasound, to the day our munchkin was born, I have never seen a more happy and excited face, than that of my husband. It felt like he had got his own little project, which included a thorough research of everything related to a baby, childbirth, baby products, baby care etc. And the day our son was born, there was no end to his excitement. He was so excited that, for the next four days of our stay at the hospital, the nurses often found him loitering around the nursery even at wee hours. Lastly they gave up, and he was allowed to peek in through the glass window just to see a glimpse of our baby.

Once we were back home, I could easily make out that the brand new dad has been out shopping for the new mum and the baby. Our house was looking no less than a baby care shop. Diapers, baby wipes, baby clothes, shoes, baby cot, toys, you name it and it was there. A meticulous planner indeed.

Well, that was the beginning of our journey as parents. The journey towards sleepless nights showered with unconditional love, dirty diapers with happy happy bums, endless rocking with loads of giggles and blabberings, cleaning the mess to see someone creating a new one almost immediately. And so on.

The C section had left me very weak. Plus, I was on bed rest for whole nine months of pregnancy. So getting out of the bed was really tough. But starting from changing the dressing of my wound to looking after our pumpkin, my husband readily took care of everything. All I had to do, was to feed our munchkin. Rest was all taken care of. Changing diapers soon became his specialty. It was almost like he knew when the baby will pee.

Time really has wings, when it comes to babies. At times we both sit and wonder how fast he was growing or why can't the time just stop? It was almost like yesterday, when we held him in our arms for the first time and today he was running around the house, at jet speed. From the crawling sprees to the first time holding our hands to walk, from the blabbering to sitting on our laps and chatting, from dancing to mumbling rhymes, this whole journey is worth reliving a million times.

It's strange, when people claim that men can't take care of babies as women do. When you have a baby, than its no longer about being a man or a woman, it's more about being a parent. Men are as responsible as woman, when it comes to their babies. And at times we women, also have to let it go. Being a women, I had my own set of prejudices, I thought that I would do a better job than my husband. But it turned out that we both were at par. He was as good a poop cleaner and a diaper changer, as I was. All I had to do was give him a chance to prove it. And not only changing the diapers at regular intervals but feeding or bathing him, story telling, playing, reading books, jumping around the whole house creating a mess. Rather now my son enjoys the bath time more when his father is around to help him out.

Believe me, when it comes to parenting, there is no perfect style and no perfect parent. We all come with our set of flaws, our set of mistakes, our set of fears. Being a mother doesn't make me strong or being a father doesn't make my husband weak as far as our parenting skills are concerned. We compensate for each other's weaknesses and make them our strength. I prided myself on rocking our munchkin to sleep, but our baby found immense peace in his father's arms at times of sickness. There were times when, he carried him in his arms for the whole night just to soothe our sick child, and even manage to go to office the next day.

Parenting is not about comparing the workload shared by the parents, its an understanding, that the baby needs both the parent equally. And equal participation of the parents will only be an added advantage to the baby's overall growth and development. I guess we all have noticed (at times I have even got jealous) that, even if you dedicate your whole day looking after your baby, moment the father enters, the baby jumps to reach him. And the reason behind that is nothing, but sheer unconditional love. If such a little baby can understand the importance of his father in his life, then no father can deny the importance of baby in his life. It's all about involvement of both the parents to raise a happy and healthy child.

Well, the only privilege a mother enjoys over the father is that, she can breastfeed whereas a father cannot (Well in a way that problem too has been solved, we have expressed milk now a days). So three cheers to parenthood!!!


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