A Tribute to My Angel: My Mother
|   May 06, 2015
 A Tribute to My Angel: My Mother

The protagonist in this article is a dynamic ,bubbly , level-headed intelligent young lady who has all god things working for her – a caring husband , two loving, creative & sorted souls as kids (she’s a mother herself ) , a satisfying and stimulating work profile and a superb support system of siblings ,friends and In –Laws (an absolute blessing in today’s societal setup).Talking in terms of the psychologist Maslow’s need hierarchy she is galloping on her way to the highest level of creating an identity for herself and of realising her true potential.

Physically , she is blessed with good health on the various medical parameters for her age (..did I mention that she is in her early forties!!) , beautiful  gleaming eyes and silky black hair (all thanks to her biology- simply speaking “Her  Mother” )

Emotionally ,she has inherited a compassionate approach to understanding others , a positive & helping attitude ; an empowering belief system and an all encompassing ‘CAN-DO’ spirit that helps her achieve so many things that leave her in awe of her own cababilities and talents. She’s been groomed to challenge the status – quo and to adopt new ways to reach to new results be it decisions or behaviours.

Spiritually she has imbibed to keep faith in the celestial forces and the Theory of Karma.

Materially, having learnt that small drops combine to make a big ocean , the best time to correct the roof is when it is not raining   ,  and more,  she has been able to accumulate insights and wealth much more than any other women of her age.

For  this sort of self awareness to exist , you would agree that the seeds  would have been sown way back when she was merely a kid.  She was biologically wired and gifted to some extent with a penchant towards learning and imbibing new things but had it not been an angel in her life: Her Mommy Dearest -  that she would have lost out on most of it. As Darwin rightly said, ” IF YOU DO NOT USE IT , YOU DEFINITELY LOOSE IT “

Today  as life unfolds before her , with each passing day #EverydayIsA Mothers day. She reminisces  of her Role model as an epitome of selfless love& care, unconditional support , conscious parenting (at a time where each has to chart their own course  into naive territories for nurturing and parenting tips),armed with superb skills of organising and implementing the toughest of tasks with an air of ease and a matter of fact approach. The enthusiasm that her mother demonstrated in day to day  living has rubbed on to her too. Life skills like “NEVER BE HUMBLE TO THE HAUGHTY AND HAUGHTY TO THE HUMBLE “ do come in handy even today .

Today as our protagonist (Let me tell you now That’s ME!!) writes this article her guiding star , the protective angel and the ten-on-ten role model is no longer there physically but she definitely resides in her  memories guiding and protecting  from the heaven above. Despite having sufficiently good writing skills I don’t think I will be able to put it in words how it felt like not having her around on different important  occasions in my life. But with so much working for me on a daily basis that it won’t be an exaggeration to say that she has equipped me for this lifetime at least . I live out each day with great positivity , faith , enthusisam  and love in my heart and believe me it has come to me from none other than my creator itself – My MOM!! This stands an an ode to her –a thank you note for believing in me and making me what I am today where with all the learnings that you doled out #EveryDayIsAMothersDay.


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