DAAN UTSAV: Giving Away What You Have Has Never Given So Much Of Joy!
|   Oct 07, 2015
DAAN UTSAV: Giving Away What You Have Has Never Given So Much Of Joy!

The psychology department of the University of Kobe has conducted an experiment where one group was made to do nothing while the other was asked to watch the good deeds around them..Some simple ones like feeding birds , helping the old , feeding the needy, planting the trees and other such small stuff. The outcome was that the second group showed remarkable increase in their happiness quotient just by watching the simple acts of goodness .The tendency of the  second group to emulate the same goodness also went up. The conclusion of this is if we vicariously watch good deeds of spreading kindness , joy , happiness and love,  our sense of well is increased manifolds and the chances of positively influencing ourselves and our kids are multiplied. I guess this must be the premise of the week long  “JOY OF GIVING event” or “ DAAN UTSAV”.

It is an occasion to thank God to bless you with so much and to thank him by way of sharing your good fortune by rolling out gifts to the underprivileged....  This first week of October (JOY OF GIVING WEEK 2oct -8 oct )is your chance to contribute and spread cheers. What better day to start an initiative like this than Gandhi Jayanti- A day which is about our favourite Bapu who knew so well how to live for others.

  And  also from this year all digital media enthusiasts can influence their friends and all by posting their picture with “a smiley on the thumb” once they have done their bit. It sounds indeed meaningful. with celebrities like Kalki Koechin , Chef Sanjeev Kapoor , and the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar too endorsing the same I am sure it is going to garner more support.

This reminds me of how me and my kids indulge in the same on our birthdays and other celebratory events in our family..It is almost an umpteen times that we have experienced the joy of giving throughout the year. The rewards of doing the same has indeed helped us increase our levels of feel good harmones   and actively engage in spreading joy and happiness in an more conscious manner. I also feel there is no better way to subtly teach our kids and let them part with their stuff for giving away and realise that there is extreme sense of joy , happiness and kindness in sharing and caring for those who couldn’t have it all..I am quite convinced that once coming through so many channels like watching in media , doing and experiencing with us at home ,participating in school events for gifting the underprivileged... this week long DAAN UTSAV will extend into longer moments to remember and recreate when they are grow up.

With newspapers floating newsfeed on the various NGOs , RWAs and school kids participating actively it has been made into an impactful event altogether and with campaigns like #DaanUtsav and #HappyDot its only going to help the event gather steam and garner more support.

Let’s not just be an onlooker and a passive witness to such acts of kindness  but be an involved soul to contribute our best to ourselves , our kids and families and above all humanity...Remember Charity begins at home and giving away will only leave you richer!!!



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