|   Dec 28, 2015


Those five days are full of so much of hope , optimism, and that niggling feeling of undying anticipation that the best is yet to come. Is that spot on for you too? “NO”..well then I guess you got me wrong there.

OKIEZ...let me explain. “THOSE FIVE DAYS “ are definitely not  the periodic , recurring ,gynae cycle that I am referring to .Instead ,  I am talking of those five days preceeding the New Year , popularly referred to as the New Year Eve.

Those are the five days where there are over-the-top extravaganzas, music , fun , laughter , good food and good times engulfing you with both hands. They infuse life into the otherwise mundane chores and a humdrum existence. From morning newspapers to streets to markets to homes , nothing goes untouched from the spirit of YULETIDE goodness , splendid getaways , incredible celebrations ,festivity and more.

One need not make any conscious effort to go into the introspective mood and dig out the many pearls of wisdom from thefleeting..slipping like sand kinds soon to be old year. My association with the many platforms that enrich my life has their own share of contributions/lessons  in making me a wiser women today. They ‘ve enabled me to flaunt this “WISDOMY  PEARLY NECKLACE”  and don a superman (women!!) like imaginary cape . The five pearls of wisdom that I chose to share today include:

Lesson 1:  @ Sonali Bendre Event: It takes a village to raise a child- Delegate parenting work and let learned , experienced people from respective fields lend a helping hand to you in bring out  the best in your kids...but ultimately the onus of your child being a better version of self over the years should be on you!

Lesson 2:  @Khan Academy : Focus on education and job satisfaction can tackle the problem of intolerance and expand rationalism , so , DO YOUR BIT AND DO IT WELL!!!

Lesson 3: @Blogger community : It takes a village to raise a MOM too...moms need to find their village too and that implies that  a mother  needs people who aren’t related to you , who won’t judge you when you send a desperation text while you are at the ends of your wits , who’ll understand you and not hold it against you when you cancel your longstanding plans with 15 minutes notice because they are in the same trench as how comforting!

Lesson4 : @Dell # PCLiteracyDays and @ Intel technologies: Technology adoption is no longer a choice but a necessity and the ball is in the parents court (especially Mothers! ) dear ladies let’s all gear up and lap up the opportunity and experience the connection.

Lesson 5: @ whats app groups : People may be unreasonable , unjust , dishonest  and unkind but remember it is ultimately between you and God and that it was never between you and THEM! This understanding should be enough to let me be forgiving , kind and happy anyways and to give the world the best I have, of course with the knowledge that it will never be enough ... but  I’ll give my best anyways.

Hope the feeling of there’s always a way, stays with you in the days to come and you soak up all the goodness these five days have to offer..Now can I have your vote on that ???




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