Six Layered Packaging ... pure packaging and branding exercise or there's more to it?
|   Jul 03, 2015
Six Layered Packaging ... pure packaging and branding exercise or there's more to it?

I remember it was some two years back when as a routine we were glued to our television sets that we came across this cute and peppy ad where some mommies were dressed as a cow and sang a rhyme like jingle highlighting the packaging that had six layers and talked of serving the thickest milk ever to the kids available in those packets.. Way back then  , we simply passed of the ad as a marketing gimmick and did not comprehend the need of having six layers when one was good enough to wrap a product well enough. But I must admit at the same time the two clear messages that registered were that there’s a new trend in the market of six layered packaging and that the milk and juices there in were cut above the rest.

Though it was an absolute delight to watch yet it faded into a thing of past except for the occasional humming of that jingle on occasions when I made my Young son finish his glass of milk.

Now with so many years having passed  I stand selected as a “SAFE FOOD AMBASSADOR “ for TETRA PAK INDIA’S #keepfoodsafe initiative which is actually why I truly understand that ad in the right spirit now.

Today I know the essence behind the six layered packaging of Tetra Pak and that it’s not just about enhancing the market appeal of their packaged products but it’s quite a revolutionary technology in itself. The six layers comprising of paperboard , poly ethylene and aluminium are there for a purpose.. A purpose that  completes  the big picture of keeping the food within safe..paper board to make the package stable and lightweight , polyethylene to seal the liquid and protect it from external moisture and the thin layer of aluminium to protect it from oxygen , unnatural flavours and light. with my facts and figures in place I believe that their packaging is not just a marketing gimmick but it’s an idea to protect , handle and transport the milk & juices etc effectively  ,  to provide machine identification data (bar codes etc ) , impart essential or additional information and help in convenient utilisation rather than just being an expense to attract attention or to assist in promotion only.

Their packages are intended to be robust and protect the product from the invasions of bacteria , light and other such contaminants. Any tempering of the package or putrification of the product inside  and the six layered package will have tell-a tale signs like a bloated package and even a child would know that it is unfit for consumption.

Another amazing revelation has been how ecologically friendly these packages are and also that Tetra Pak has been adding sufficient effort towards their proper recycling  and reusage. I was awestruck to know that the many abandoned empty Tetra Pak cartons are recycled into beautiful desks , and  bins to be donated to various schools across India. Isn’t it wonderful that the colourful furniture thus made is cheering up so many lives under their “ YOUR CARTONS ,  MY CLASSROOM “ initiative.

Now let me draw your attention to the second part of the  jingle..”AUR WOHI GAADA DHOODH HUM TUMKO DEYTE HAIN”... I realised how this was talking about the goodness of milk that was treated at ultra high temperature (UHT milk ) the likes of 135-140 degrees for only 3 seconds ....a continuous  process happening  in a closed  system preventing the product getting contaminated any air – borne microbes. This process is the reason behind that so called “GAADA  DHOODH “ result of the stringent homogenisation process that distributes the cream in the milk evenly and a yummy , thick , delicious milk that can be had straight from the carton.Also the cartons need no refrigeration or boiling till the time the package is not opened !!! I don’t think we can have any option as safe and nutritious as milk in Tetra Pak cartons.

Had I not passed off the message in that ad as just another message in an advertisement , I would have been this wise some two years back. But I am glad too have finally arrived..don’t they say ITS BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

For all those waiting to arrive there’s so much to learn and grow on .Happy learning!

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