Some relationships are unfair
|   Jun 03, 2016
Some relationships are unfair

Birthdays are always special in ones life..isn't it ??I am an over enthusiast birthday baby..I love everything about my birthday or be it anybody else's. Its a tradition in the family ( mother's side) to make the special day even more special with surprises..I was used to this kind of a it surprise from relatives, late night celebrations or anything that would make the birthday baby feel special.. To the contrary my husband is a nerd..not interested in doing any thing..enthusiasm is something not found in his dictionary.. We know each other since last 14 years and have been married for 8 years now..I have been quiet open about the way I want my birthday to be..yet...with each passing year what I get is just a portion of disappointment..

People think all u need is money to make it big..I do not agree with this.. Just a few days back my maid celebrated her bday..her son gave her a surprise party.. All he did was order a cake and gathered his biker friends..kept the bike lights on.. Got the dumbru fellow to have some Baja.."din tak take din" and mind you he invited the entire colony and they were dancing, howling and celebrating her bday..she was so overwhelmed that she couldn't control her tears..

And we...we have everything in life.. Yet no heart to make anybody feel special..with this passing year, I have again received disappointment as a surprise.I Crave for a day when it would be special.. My heart still feels someday he might feel the urge to make me feel special..

Some relationships are so unfair.. I am sure people would be able to connect to me..

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