WWhat is life after marriage??
|   Aug 07, 2016
WWhat is life after marriage??

It's been a love marriage for Ria and today after 11 years of wedding with 2 kids around her life seems very mundane and monotonous. Her husband is always with the mobile,  smiling at the jokes that ping or meeting friends laughing with them.  But he just forgot this was the same Ria who fought the world to ensure the two ends meet. She had found a companion, a friend and better half in this man. She never worried about her career or her figure while birthing their kids. Today tthe same lady is a piece of shit for this man.Today the same lady who once he proposed as the most beautiful girl in this world is just a bare 69kgs mass. With passing days Ria was drowning into depression. All she wanted was her husband,  his time and a small portion of love. But is that possible??  Or a women is just a reproductive machine? Ria seems to be loosing it.. She wants answers n help

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