Her grandmother became her mother!
|   May 12, 2016
Her grandmother became her mother!

Poorvi was merely 3 years old when her mother left her husband's home to pursue a glamorous and bindaas life,and a world where her husband and daughter had no place or role to play. Poorvi's father was devastated by this act of cruelty especially towards his beautiful, angelic daughter who was now deprived of a mother for no fault of hers.The little girl was desolate and inconsolable. She was too young to be told the truth about the whimsical, irrational and selfish behaviour of her mother. Pacifying her became difficult. None of the usual diversionary tactics- toys and gifts, taking her out to malls and parks- worked in solving the mystery for her about the disappearance of her mother from her life. A mother who was basically a figure in name only. A reluctant mother who treated her daughter like a hassle and a hindrance in leading a self-indulgent life. But still a mother for Poorvi for whom the word 'mummy' symbolised a fairy who'll touch your life and fill it with abundant love. She craved for her fairytale mummy and the yearning was palpable. That is when Poorvis grandmother (dadi) stepped in to fill the vacuum in her beloved granddaughter's life. As it is she had been playing a surrogate mother to Poorvi ever since her birth for the mother was always feigning illness and other excuses to avoid the responsibility of taking care of a baby. And so Poorvi's grandmother became her mother in every sense. She looked after the little girl as her 3rd daughter and devoted herself to looking after the needs and cravings of a confused young girl who just quietly wondered why her mother never felt the need to call her or meet her. People say the biggest act of cruelty is when a young child fatally loses its mother but in reality, having a negligent mother is worse. Poorvi was filled with umpteen self-worth issues and felt she wasn't good enough. Her queries about the reasons behind her mother's abandonment had no satisfactory answers. How can one tell a 4 year old child that your mother preferred her independence to being tied to a toddler? Poorvi soon settled down in her grandparents' home. It took her a year to come to terms to her unique situation. She was always attached to her baba-dadi but now her life revolved around them and her father who was always at her beck and call, trying to play the twin roles of both mom and dad. Slowly, Poorvi started blooming under the emotional support and loving care of these 3 people in her life. She called her grandmom 'dadi-ma' and found a mother figure in her. She had her every demand met and tantrum pacified initially but as she grew older, her dadi had a heart to heart talk to her, spelling out the limits and the liberties. It was made very clear to her that she cannot emotionally blackmail her dadi-ma to fulfill her unreasonable demands. Needless to say, it was a difficult phase of life for both the parties but soon they reached a via-media. Poorvi loved her dadi's delicious cooking and unlike other children of her age group who hankered after junk food, she ate and enjoyed healthy home cooked food. Instead of soft drinks, she developed a taste for home made fruit juices, bel ka sherbat, aam panna, lassi etc. She learned gayatri mantra and 'devi aartis' by heart at the age of 10 as she listened to her dadi singing them daily in 'puja-ghar'. She had joined painting classes as she had an artistic streak in her which her family wanted to tap. 

Poorvi was a happy, content girl by 10 and basked in the caring, protective atmosphere at her home. Her dadi accompanied her to PTMs at school and interacted with her teachers. Fortunately for Poorvi, her teachers were compassionate and the fellow students generous by heart. She didn't face any barbs or taunts about her mother. For all practical purposes, her biological mother was history. Her parents were formally divorced when Poorvi was 7 and her mother had remarried. She got an annual call and a token gift from her mother on her birthday which she took perfunctorily. Her mother had visiting rights and the option to take Poorvi for vacations but she always found excuses to chicken out citing some vague excuses. Poorvi was apathetic towards her mother now. Her father and grandparents took great care since her childhood not to embitter her against her mother for they didn't want to scar her emotionally. 

The first time Poorvi heard about Mothers day and its significance was through her classmates in class 5th. All her friends were discussing excitedly about the ways they were going to celebrate the special day with their mothers and the cards and gifts that they were planning. Poorvi felt a bout of a horrible, sinking feeling inside her. For the first time in many years she craved for the presence of her mother. She went home and contemplated calling her mother. For one whole day Poorvi was in a state of turmoil. At night she reran the past few years in her mind and tried to put things together. The next day was the Mothers day. Early morning Poorvi tip-toed into her dadi's room with a gift packet and 2 sticks of rajnigandha flowers, her dadi's favourite. She hugged and kissed the old lady, shouting loudly,"Happy Mothers day dadima" !! Her grandparents were taken aback to hear this. Dadi's eyes swelled up with tears and it took her a while to regain her composure. She hugged Poorvi tightly, kissing her forehead, mumbling sweet nothings and blessings in a trembling voice. She was shaken yet satisfied. She had always doubted if she was doing a good enough job in Poorvis life but the young girl's free flowing emotions had reaffirmed her faith in their relationship which was rock solid now. Poorvi's grandfather witnessed the heartwarming expression of Poorvi's love and reverance for her dadi and he said to himself...'You don't become a mother just by giving birth, you've to earn the right to be called a mother in the real sense of the word !  #EveryDayIsMothersDay Contest

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