A Short Story - A Lost Ring which founded New Beginning
|   Dec 14, 2016
A Short Story - A Lost Ring which founded New Beginning

Nisha and Yash were married for 10 long years. Theirs was love marriage. They met on internet in an online chat room. That time online chatting was new fad among youngsters. Nisha had just completed her graduation and was looking for a job. She was staying in a hostel away from family and felt homesick at times. One day while chatting with friends, she entered one dating chat room just for fun. And suddenly so many chat requests started coming with all possible weird messages like “Hi Sexy”, “Hello Babe”, “Wanna date me” etc etc. She deliberated of exiting the chat room when one message caught her attention. It was simple, “Hello friend, Yash here”.

Nisha thought, ‘This guy appears decent, I can start a conversation with him’. She replied to him “Hello, Nisha here”. Yash asked her “Can we chat for some time”. She replied “Sure”. And after that they talked about each other’s hobbies, likes, dislikes. They chatted for an hour and said goodbye to each other. On that very first day, Nisha felt something has changed within her. They started conversing daily.

Yash was working with a marketing firm and his job involved lot of travelling within and outside India. During those days, Yash was out of India. He was also missing home. Their loneliness brought them together and they soon became good friends. Their friendship blossomed into love. After a year, Yash came to India. By that time Nisha had started working. Their families met.  With both families permission, they got married. Yash was located in India after that tough he travelled on regular basis.

When Nisha gave birth to their daughter Kia, Yash was with her. After Kia’s first birthday, Yash left for his new job. His new job involved travelling all over the world. Nisha decided to stay in India as she did not want to leave her job and travel with Yash. She did not rather like the idea of being globetrotter. However, Yash loved travelling and visiting new places. Before Yash left, Nisha gifted him a beautiful ring which had her and Yash’s picture and took a promise from Yash that he would not take out this ring ever. This ring would be symbol of their love and trust.

After Yash left, Nisha continued with her job. They hired a full time maid to take care of Kia. Her in-laws and parents would visit them often to spend time with Kia. Nisha believed staying away from each other would not affect their love as they were in long distance relationship before marriage too. However, it was not that easy this time. She missed Yash miserably. They spoke to each other daily. Yash visited them whenever he can. With Kia around, years were passing quickly. Yash came back to India for 1-2 years in between. However busy he was, he made sure to spend time with family when he was around.

After 10 years of marriage, for onlookers Nisha’s life looked wonderful: A loving husband, caring parents, supportive in-laws and two wonderful kids Kia and Aryan. Yash was travelling all over the world; seeing new places; meeting new people. Sometimes Nisha and kids joined him during holidays. But travelling and changing places was not what Nisha would have enjoyed. Nisha occasionally asked Yash to settle in India with them. Yash wanted to explore new opportunities. He said he loved his family and he missed them. But he loved his work too. They spoke to each other every day. Twice in a week they spoke on video chat along with kids. Nisha didn’t want Yash to miss their children’s activities, their mischiefs. She assured kids and their father bonded well. Yash guaranteed her of not letting physical distance come in a way of their love, trust and mutual respect.

But in last one year, things started changing. Yash got so busy with his commitments that at time he did not call for weeks. Nisha was tired of their virtual relationship now. She was tired of taking responsibilities of kids alone. While kids were growing up, she needed Yash by her side to handle their studies, their hobbies, their curious questions, their mood swings, their tantrums. Her parents and in-laws were aging and they too needed care and rest. Nisha was not sure how she could handle everything alone. In the midst of all the people around her, she felt lonely.

Yash’s behaviour was making her anxious. Phone call had become occasional. Most of the times only messages were exchanged. That irked Nisha more. Whenever they spoke, she only complained about his carelessness, his negligence. There were more fights than any healthy conversation now. Nisha had started thinking that Yash did not care for her or kids any more. She was not sure if he ever loved her. She even doubted him of having an affair. Yash’s aloofness only made her doubt stronger. Nisha even contemplated separation. She was ready to be in a long distance relationship but not in a loveless and fake relationship.

Yash was in India for a cousin’s marriage. Nisha ignored Yash. She pretended to be busy with relatives. She did not want him to take her granted every time. This time she decided to clear everything with him. She was tired of waiting for his calls, his visits. If they could not trust each other then what’s the point in being in a relationship, she decided to speak to Yash in the morning after the wedding. In the night, Nisha could not sleep properly as she kept thinking about the ways to speak to Yash.

When Nisha woke up in the morning, she found Yash frantically searching for something. When she enquired he told her that he lost his ring which was gifted by her. Nisha was aware that he never took out his ring. She thought to herself, ‘He doesn’t care for me anymore then why would he care for the ring.’ Still she helped him to find it. Yash told everyone and they all started searching for it. His mother asked him to remember when he last saw it. He remembered it was last night in the wedding. Nisha suggested to go the wedding venue and search for it there. Yash looked so desperate to find the ring, he immediately agreed and asked Nisha to go with him. They both went to the lawn where wedding had happened. The manager of lawn gave them permission to search for it. But he told them that the lawn had been cleaned and someone must have already taken the ring. The chances of getting the ring back appeared very little.

Still Yash wanted to find it. Both Yash and Nisha were looking for it. Nisha was going through turmoil of emotions. She was thinking to herself, ‘This might be the sign that our relationship should end. He doesn’t love me. Its better I speak to him about our separation.’ The moment she called out Yash’s name to speak to him, she saw the ring lying on the ground. She picked that ring and gave it to Yash.

Yash looked so happy and relieved. He held Nisha’s hand, “You know I got so afraid when I could not find the ring. I thought I might lose you forever. I never took out this ring. Whenever I was away from you, this ring gave me the assurance that you are always with me. If I ever thought of cheating on you, this ring reminded me of your love and stopped me from doing anything wrong. Whenever I missed you, I just looked at this ring and thought about you. It always gave me the strength when I was away from you.”

He continued while Nisha just looked with teary eyes, “I know you are very angry with me for not giving you enough time. But I want to tell you I also miss you very much. When I left after Kia’s first birthday, I cried throughout the journey. I just desired to come back to you and Kia. But then I controlled myself. I wanted to give all the possible luxuries of life to you and kids. I knew you are considerate and would take care of our home very well. Without you, I could not have managed our life so well and I really appreciate you for that.”

Nisha looked into his eyes and said, “But now I am tired of taking responsibilities alone. I need you. Our kids need their father.”

“I understand. Today’s incidence has made me realise how loosing you would feel. I promise I will try to spend more time with you. I will cut down on my travelling assignments. I will make sure I speak to you daily no matter how busy I am. I love you and I don’t want to lose you.”

Nisha put the ring back on Yash’ finger and they both smiled at each other. Nisha’s all doubts, all queries were sorted now. The ring has brought them together forever.

Author’s Note: We should not take our loved ones for granted. Misunderstandings, ignorance, avoidance lead to uncertainty. Appreciating each other’s efforts, professing love, admitting mistakes make relationship stronger. Don’t shy away from conveying your love and trust.

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