Girls, Capture Those Prying Eyes
|   Jan 18, 2017
Girls, Capture Those Prying Eyes

When girls walk on road, many lusting eyes follow them. Few girls choose to look down and ignore, few stare back in anger. But a student of J J School of Art Mumbai, has done something which can be referred as most appropriate answer for those lusting glares. When she was given a chance to project her feelings about girl abuse, she chose to showcase the everyday situation of eve teasing almost all women go through.

With the help of a camera pen she recorded those prying eyes which stared at her whenever she went out. She captured all those faces which stared at her and put them in the exhibition at her college. What an idea!! Really commendable and appreciable. While watching news on television today, this particular news caught my attention. The girl has shown mirror to those men who perceive women as an object of desire. After hearing this news, at least few men would think twice before staring at a girl due to fear that someone might be recording their indecent act.

Since childhood, we all women face eve teasing. Those eyes can belong to uneducated, unemployed to educated, qualified professionals. Those eyes never care what a girl feels when someone stares at her with that dirty look. Those eyes make her believe that she has wore something wrong or she is not conducting herself well. Those eyes make her conscious about herself. But now time has come when instead of feeling conscious or angry, girls should fight back. While men are using the technology to capture women in indecent manner, we women should use technology as a weapon for our defence.

Indian women are making our country proud at every level be it sports, beauty pageants, academic success or movies. While people from all over the world are considering Indian girls as symbol of beauty, brain, courage; there are men in our own country who judge them by the clothes they wear.  Changing their views about girls is not in our hands, but showing them mirror of their own selves has become essential. When these same people look at girls with desire in their eyes, we should capture that and show that its not our fault. They are at fault with their dirty minds.

Learning self-defence techniques has become vital in the wake of rising crime against women. At the same time, various devices such as mobile camera, spy camera pen, keychain spy camera, sunglasses camera, hidden spy camera can come to our rescue. Women should start using these devices, capture those faces and use them as proof against those criminal minds. If more girls start using these devices then men might get afraid of teasing or abusing girls. Its time women make feel men conscious of their own gaze. Men should fear that somewhere someone might recording their deeds. It will make them fearful and wary of teasing girls.

One girl has started the movement and we must follow her to protect all of us from eve teasing and abuse.









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