Life is amazing, why afraid passing it on......
|   Nov 24, 2016
Life is amazing, why afraid passing it on......

Thank God, I am a God Loving person and not a God Fearing person, as being so I love all creations of almighty and do not have to do anything with the fear of being out of his (almighty’s) good books.

The plausible reason for posting this, is that I was talking to this very religious and god fearing person yesterday about Organ Donation. I told her that how I was willing to pledge my organs for donation after death, so that I could be of some use to the humanity, long after i have gone. I tried to persuade her that my one act of humanity would help at least 10 persons in acute need of transplantation to get another chance to life.

This very religious person declared my will as insane and such donation if made to be impertinent. The debate went for about half an hour until i felt apathetic to lead the discussion/debate further, as the respected person said these lines,”………………..this body is given to us by god and we should return it as it is to him. One should fear tampering with it as such person would be a sinner in his eyes. This world has given us nothing and we should not think what happens here when we are gone. we should go back to him in one piece”

Now, I don’t understand, how after being cremated, when everything would burn to ashes{such a waste it would be),we would go to the supreme self in one piece?

While all this discussion was going on, my 4 years old daughter, who was studying in the same room, suddenly looked quite perplexed. I thought may be I am scaring the child and should avoid the discussion. I gave a half smile to the child and tried to change the topic to a more casual one. To my sheer surprise, the little girl went to this elderly lady and said which i dared not to," Aunty, jab jal hi jayenge,toh one piece mai kaise jayenge".

No doubt,the child is quick- witted, but i never thought her to be more enlightened than many of us

Hail Mary, mother of God or Mere Parmatma or Waheguru, or Mere Maulla….please enlighten your people, we need it most..

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