Richness, goodness and wellness- All in one
|   Aug 24, 2016
Richness, goodness and wellness- All in one

There can hardly be any doubts about the instant wisdom new mothers often acquire about what could be the best food choices, as soon as their young ones are ready for solid food. In this regard, the first ones to be approached are the mothers or mothers in law, who with the extensive experience in child rearing, can always enrich new moms’ knowledge with their tried and tested lessons in nourishment for the little ones.

Getting updated about what to feed a child as he/she grows up and gleaning related information from different sources appears to be an easy job compared to making the child eat some particular protein broth or mashed vegetables. This is the phase when mothers often go through much trouble to cope with a stubborn child refusing to swallow a morsel of food, which he/she finds unappealing and bland. I too had to put up with numerous moments of cajoling and convincing when my daughter, merely a couple of years old, turned down my sweet requests to happily relish soup, cheese or boiled eggs.

When I saw that all the nourishing food items were received with a frown and were hardly consumed, I adopted a stratagem that ensured whatever food I prepared would go only in my daughter’s stomach and not to the visiting squirrels and crows in the house. I started combining some bud tantalizing food with a completely bland but nutritious stuff like boiled eggs with crispy fried lady fingers or ghee rice. In my view, this concoction of food was the only way I could feed my loved one something that would fulfill basic requirement of a healthy diet; the one which would provide strength, immunity and nourishment.

However, I did not allow my concern for proper diets exaggerate into an obsession. My daughter’s diet chart was often punctuated with popcorns, chocolates, chips and all such things that she liked eating without any coercion. Throughout the day if I was able to make her eat some wholesome food rounded off with a spoonful of Dabur Chyawanprash to boost her immunity, I experienced the same victorious emotions which one usually experienced after accomplishing a herculean task.

When I look back and think about all those moments of struggle to make her eat all what I desired her to enjoy, I feel it was an effort that is bearing fruit now as she is growing up beautifully. Thanks god I was persistent in making her finish off the food, (whatever I mixed or mashed) in the blue bowl.

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