Surrogacy- वंश बेल बढ़नी चाहिए, बाक़ी सब चलता है।
|   Mar 05, 2017
Surrogacy- वंश बेल बढ़नी चाहिए, बाक़ी सब चलता है।

There is a new fad among celebrities, to have surrogate children. Abram for Shahrukh, Aazad for Aamir, Laksshya for Tusshar Kapoor and the latest twins Yash and Roohi for Karan Johar.

Years age Sushmita Sen moved courts for adopting her daughter Renee. She had to provide thousand proofs to convince the courts that she could be a good mother. The court was protecting the rights of a living child. Surrogacy however has no such complications. As a biological parent the celebrity gets all rights and no one can raise a finger. There is no one to decide if the arrangement covers all needs and rights of the child born.

The mothers are hired, sworn to secrecy. They sign an agreement to go through IVF using the gentleman's sperms and then take the baby to term. They are surly taken care of, physically and monetarily. On delivery they get their remuneration and surrender all claims to the baby.

It is appalling to think that in this whole process, the role of a mother is totally discounted. Bearing a baby becomes a transaction and the product is delivered. No human emotions attached. The foster mothers raise them as their own.

Next the trend is catching up with the gay men. Their mother's plea for a grand child aka Khandan ka chirag is suitably granted. The biological mother gets the money, grandparents get the heir and the father gets a child with his sexual freedom. Supervised nannies make up for the absence of mother. (After all what are mothers in India are just glorified educated nannies. What they do any woman can.)

I wish to ask, is a mother really so dispensable? Nannies are changed time to time, grandmothers are old school, and only a mother is constantly connected to a child from day one. She instinctively knows what the child feels even without his saying so. She is his inspiration for achievement and being good citizens.

Surrogacy I am afraid is now being used by the rich and mighty according to their whims and fancies. The children are being sought like pedigreed pets, who can be raised just by anybody. No family required. i wish the adoption laws are relaxed and people can responsibly adopt.

When we already have so many cases of children suffering due to irresponsible parenting, broken families and deaths of parents. This new trend is to be watched with care. Once these children join the formal world and realise what normal families with mother and father couple are, are they going to ask where is my mommy? How would they relate with other kids. Would their father's money and status make up for all?

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